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::Ana Aqra Association is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political association founded in 1994 and officially established in 1998.
Ana Aqra Association benefits underprivileged children, ages 4 to 14, who are attending Lebanese elementary public schools as well as their parents, teachers, and school administrators. Ana Aqra Association's goal is to respond to the educational, social and cultural needs of children in the early years of learning.
The main focus of the association is to encourage reading and advance literacy.The secret to our success is that we always put the child first!
Our missionTo develop a sustainable relationship between children and books by integrating reading into the educational curriculum within the Lebanese elementary public school system
Our aimTo encourage children to read for recreation, improve the reading skills of struggling public school learners and engage their educators, parents and local community.
Our visionTo live in a society where books are accessible and reading is available for all.
Our Values•       We believe in the child's right to a quality education.•       We believe in an education that allows children to become independent learners.•       We believe schools should provide a safe environment for learners.•       We are committed to empathize with the learner.•       We are committed to make education an enjoyable experience where stories are used as a primary educational tool.

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Local Civil Society Organisation
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Children & Youth
Social & Cultural Development
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HR Department
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Clemenceau Street
Beirut , Beirut
Phone: +9611365149
Beirut LB
Clemenceau Street
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Ana Aqra

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هدف الوظيفة
سيعمد الميسر/ المعلم / المعلم إلى تعزيز التّطبيق السّليم للبرنامج وتسهيله من خلال تحضير الدروس, التخيط و التقييم و ومن خلال جمع البيانات المتعلّقة بتحضير الدّروس والأداء وإدخالها، وتفعيل دور الأهل .
سينفّذ الميسر/ المعلم مسؤوليّاته بهدف توفير بيئة صفّيّة ممكّنة ومحفّزة تمكّن المتعلّمين من تطوير قدراتهم الأكاديميّة وتحفّزهم للعمل على تطوير هذه القدرات.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

The position of QITABI EGR “Early Grade Reading” Facilitator is a Full time position. The (EGR) facilitator assumes a role dealing with a variety of groups and individuals in the school setting and in the community. In this position, the (EGR) facilitator will coordinate with school staff, collect data and act as their mediator. He/ she will report to the project manager. The main focus of duty is to enable the implementation of QITABI project that will assess the early grade reading level in Lebanese public schools and improve teachers and students' reading performance.

Friday, 8 March 2019