Building Common Consensus Among The Local Communities And Stakeholders On The Sustainable Use Of The Palm Islands Nature Reserve

The Palm Islands Nature Reserve Management Committee (PINRMC) emphasises the vital importance of effective mainstreaming of biodiversity concerns in local communities, civil society and members of the management team to ensure that no more harm affect the biodiversity and the ecosystem services in the reserve. It expresses strong concern that, despite the effort presently made by the management team, in reality there is a high risk that the illegal activities will continue to disregard the importance of the reserve and its biodiversity needs, especially if the natural and socio-economic values of this protected area are not appreciated by the local communities and other stakeholders. In an attempt to remedy the situation, the EPC proposes the present project that fosters democratic governance and enable civil society participation.

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The overall objective of this project is to sustainably conserve and maintain the natural resources and the integrity of Palm Islands nature Reserve through the balancing of three sets of interests: economic, environmental, and social; and through building consensus among key stakeholders on biodiversity management and benefits sharing. The immediate objectives are:
ACTIVITY 1 Development of an appreciation, among stakeholders and public, of the reserve
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خميس, 14/02/2008 - 2:00am
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This project is implemented in cooperation with the Environment Protection Committee (NGO) and financed by the SMALL EMBASSY PROJECTS PROGRAMME (Matra/KAP)