March Launches 70 235 463 A Legal Hotline To Fight Internet Censorship

MARCH is happy to share with you its legal hotline. 70 235 463is a number that internet users in Lebanon can contact should they be called in to the Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Rights Bureau for questioning.
Lebanon’s Cybercrime Bureau is responsible for investigating serious cybercrimes, including cyber-terrorism and theft, but it also investigates cases of free expression on the internet. In its interactions with Lebanese bloggers, activists, and regular social media users, the Bureau has used unfair and underhanded tactics to bring individuals in for questioning and to gather information.
Citizens brought in for questioning by this Bureau are often misinformed regarding the Bureau’s rights and their prerogatives. Our hotline will aim to provide on-the-spot, trustworthy legal advice for these individuals. Individuals can call into the hotline on this number: 70 235 463.
The hotline will be staffed by MARCH members. When a blogger or a digital activist calls in and explains his/her case, MARCH will relay the query to our network of lawyers. Our lawyers will then speak with the individual directly and lend any legal support possible free of charge.
MARCH seeks to hold this Bureau accountable and to empower citizens who are called into the Bureau for questioning. Our hotline will soon be accompanied by a Know Your Rights booklet, to be distributed without charge. The booklet summarizes any possible legal action or procedure against these bloggers, activists or internet users while advising on the best way to respond.
Netizens can also call 70 235 463to report on banned websites or web pages they are not able to access from Lebanon.
Stay tuned for more details on MARCH’s efforts to end internet censorship. We will continue to advocate for free expression on all platforms and to protect citizen’s rights in this regard.

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at: [email protected] | 70 235 463

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13/03/2015 - 6:32م
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الجمعة, 13 مارس 2015