The Public Health in Complex Emergencies training program (PHCE) is a two-week residential course that focuses on critical public health issues faced by NGO/PVO personnel working in complex emergencies.
The goal of the course is to enhance the capacity of humanitarian assistance workers and their organizations to respond to the health needs of refugees and internally displaced persons affected by these emergencies. Participants will master key competencies in all of the following sectors:
Context of Emergencies, Epidemiology, Communicable Disease, Reproductive Health, Environmental Health, Nutrition, Psychosocial Issues, Protection and Security, Weapons, Violence and Trauma, and Coordination

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Field staff from humanitarian, international and academic organizations has developed the curriculum specifically to meet the needs of NGO/PVO organizations working in complex emergencies. This course is truly
A field trip
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اثنين, 19/05/2008 - 3:00am
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Ministries of Public Health, UN Agencies, Relief Agencies, etc.