Join Maya Karkour and Sam Mackenzie of EcoConsulting ( to discuss solar heating in Lebanon, stats, facts, barriers, opportunities

Provide microfinance loans for home improvement

(There are over 2.8 million Wikipedia articles in English, and Arabic doesn't even rank in the top 25 languages on Wikipedia.)

This monthly event looks at tech and development/social change.

ohh my gosh! We'll meet again and talk and develop how we can make it* happen!
*the shared art/creative workshop space in beirut

The project consists of a college dorm especially for young girls who want to stay in the city and study in the universities and institutes of Tripoli and neighborhood.

The project consists of an orphanage to lodge, clothe, treat and educate poor and orphan girls, especially with social cases.

MMF has bought a building of four floors.
The first floor consists of a reception room for Saint Elias Parish.
The second one is to be used as a dispensary and polyclinics.