A CD covering 13 Itineraries with their site description, driving directions, and maps.

The Social And Cultural Development Association

The USAID -funded EARTH Program aims at improving and expanding the existing waste management facility in Zahleh region to enable it to manage the excessive loads of incoming waste and the increasi

Cooperative Housing Foundation

2 plots: in Qlaya a (South) and Miryata (North) Provide farmers with the trellis, irrigation system including pump, mixer and pipes, and transplants.

The Social And Cultural Development Association

The USAID-funded LEAD Program aims to support the quality in the public education by focusing on improving the physical and psychosocial environment as a means to reinforcing social cohesion.

Cooperative Housing Foundation

This project aims at building up stepping stones and drawing the path towards the creation of a national park, setting the base lines for local biodiversity conservation

Mada has been working for one year on the creation of National Park in the moutains of Akkar Donniyeh, different biodiversity studies are in progress and four cooperation protocoles were signed wit

Introduce sedentary goats to increase the income of rural women.
16 women benefited from 3 goats with high milk productivity.

Introduce honey production and aroma plantation to rural women.

Six Day Training Session: Accounting, Banking, Marketing and Sales, Business Plan, Finance.

Entrepreneurial Development Foundation

The platform objective is to support small CBO s, NGO, informal groups and individual who share the smae guiding principles in the persuite of their projects whilest respecting their indepandance.

Gather children from North and Hermel around environmental theme

Enable access to new potable water

Civil social awareness books targeting the youth.

The Social And Cultural Development Association

Restoration works carried out for the rehabilitation of the Mseilha fort started at the beginning of August and includes the following: Restoring parts of the Citadel, consolidating the foundation

The Social And Cultural Development Association

To launch an electronic portal

Al Midan Association For Research And Development