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Advocacy & Awareness

Aley suffers from seasonal traffic, especially on its main road.

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Dr. George Hanna organized a project with the Lebanese Dental Association to provide free basic dental needs in the Lebanese areas.

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Human Rights & Protection
Training & Capacity Building

The project target group will be prisoners in the prisons of southLebanonand their families.

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Children & Youth
Democracy & Civic rights

About the Project

Intervention Sectors: 
Training & Capacity Building

Through its range of youth empowerment, good governance, emergency response, and peacebuilding projects, CRS has had the chance to work closely with a variety of Lebanese NGOs.

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The project "Empowering Vulnerable Women through Technology " or Let's communicate" is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Lebanon (SDC) in partnership with the local NGO

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Advocacy & Awareness

“Modern Voices for Protection or Aswatouna” (A: Advocacy, S: Sharing, WA: Women Adults, T: Technology, U: Youth) funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives in Lebanon (Canadian Embassy) will

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Coordination & Information management

"Weltaqayna.." project is funded by Chemonics/OTI (Office of Transition Initiatives) and implemented by CitiAct (Citizen Activism) which is a group of youth from all Lebanon that seeks to promote

Intervention Sectors: 
Communications & Media

On 7 November 2011, Lebanon Support, an independent non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and non-profit making Information Centre on Emergency, Recovery, and Development, launches the alp

Amel House of Human Rights, which is a part of Amel Association, is organizing a two week Summer School on Law and Conflict, 11th - 22nd July 2011.

These clubs offer alternative education to children aged between 11 & 14 years old and who dropped out of school or never had the chance to attend it.

This project offers educational & social support as well as counseling for children aged between 7 and 18 years old.

Vocational training & social rehabilitation ease youth social inclusion and help them access labor market with necessary professional and social skills.

Mouvement Social has been working in Roumieh prison since 1994& in Barbar el khazen prison since 1998.

This project is divided into two phases:
the preparatory phase inside the prison
and the implementation phase as soon
as women and juveniles are released. The

Mouvement Social offers
support to young offenders, who have
been ordered by the court to serve
sentences in the community.

Mouvement Social started as a volunteers

This project aims at strengthening youth
participation in local governance and
community life. It seeks to prevent rural
exodus and encourage young people

This project aims at safeguarding children