Intervention Sectors: 
Social & Cultural Development

Since November 13, 2008 Khota Ashabab has implemented its first project “Tenzakar w ten3ed– United Never Again Divided” in partnership with IREX Europe.

Provide microfinance loans for home improvement

Social Welfare Renaissance Association

El Miniyeh region has always been suffering from a high rate of illiteracy, whereas 30% of its population can

Social Paths To Peace Association

In order to empower women from underprivileged areas and to give them the means to find a job, CESMO is delivering free English courses.

Center For Middle-Eastern Strategic Studies

HCS pays around 10-15% of the cost of hospitalization and surgery for needy Palestinians in Lebanon.

Medical staff from Palestinian Red Crescent Society will be trained at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) to improve their skills and to know up-to-date information and techno

Rehabilitation of Persons with Special Needs.

Health And Social Care Institution

The project aims at organizing training sessions just to raise the awareness of farmers on the modern techniques for exporting agricultural tools and reducing their costs, on how to make use of mod

The Cooperative Association For Apiculture & Unirrigated Agriculture

The Lebanese war and the Israeli military aggressions have highly affected all sectors, especially health and social sectors, bringing forth high rates of widows, orphans, handicapped and mine vict

Vision Association For Development Rehabilitation And Care

HCS provides the Hamshari Dialysis Center with the monthly consumable sets of filters, solutions, and other necessary supplies so that Palestinian Refugees can use the service for free.

In May 2008, RootSpace launched a six-month program to introduce and train members of Lebanon s civil society (organizations and individuals) in social and participatory media on the internet, both


RootSpace is committed to supporting civil society and social entrepreneurship in Lebanon.


The aim of the project is to benefit both local farmers of olive orchards and families in need.

Oasis Of Charity