The project has two major pivotal and complementary components.

Ngos' Platform Of Saida
Childhood Protection And Care Association

- Provide MSMs with prevention material through outreach
- Offer psychological support through support groups
- Offer a 24/24 information LINE

The TSA provides vocational training opportunities for autistic adolescents through special and regular vocational training schools in Lebanon.

Lebanese Autism Society

The Center of women in Crisis was initiated in 2006 by Beirut YWCA to address all forms of violence against women.

Young Women S Christian Association (The National Ywca Lebanon)
Intervention Sectors: 
Training & Capacity Building

To empower the community through development projects that address the needs and build local capacities.

This project consists of a social, creative and learning network of exchange over the Internet, in the form of a forum website. (

A Step Away

Initiating Environmental Awareness Campaigns within the vicinities of the satellite centers of the directorate.

Rafik Hariri Foundation - Directorate Of Health And Social Services

In Its Cotinuing Strive Of Caring For The Awarness And Protection Of The Consumers.

Consumers Lebanon Has Been Searching And Analysing The Inflation in Lebanon Since July 2006

Consumers Lebanon

Psychosocial support is somehow integrated in all Najdeh

The project consists of an audio library full of references, i.e.

Al Hadi Institute

The project raises women social participation and personal skills in finding suitable solutions to improve their neighborhood and situations:

This project is implemented within the framework of the cooperation between the Safadi Foundation, the socio-economic Development Program for Akkar (a program of the UNDP and the Council for Develo

The project consists of establishing a fish market on the Mediterranean coast in El Mina which will be a permanent location where local fishermen can sell their daily catch.