Through the use of advanced technology, the center aims at preparing and rehabilitating the blind to guarantee them better chances to enter the job market.

Moustafa Saad Charity Foundation

Implemented with funding from Al-Walid Bin Talal Foundation the CDIP is a center that provides early diagnosis and interventions for children with special needs through a professional multidiscipli

Lebanese Autism Society

The Ablah YWCA community center serves an average of 300 regular patients and focuses on preventive and curative health care for an area encompassing 10 other villages, with 80,000 residents.

Young Women S Christian Association (The National Ywca Lebanon)

Rahma resthouse offers food for banquets organized inside and outside the center.

Rahma Center For Community Services

In order to restore the impoverished neighborhoods in Tripoli and to improve the situation by adopting volunteerism; Haretna project seeks to develop human capacities in cooperation with the local

As national platform for organic agriculture, ALOA benefits from support for the strengthening of the organic movement to facilitate lobbying, networking and promotion of organic agriculture.

Association For Lebanese Organic Agriculture

WHO is one of five local Palestinian NGOs in Lebanon included in this project run by Save the Children.

Palestinian Women S Humanitarian Organization

Under funding from the USAID, SRI has been working to advance Lebanon s economic development since 1997.

The Social And Cultural Development Association

To teach the deaf-mute children who are living in Ain El Helwe camp.

Al Karamah Association For Palestinian Disabled In Lebanon

The project Targets 1170 children aged 9-13 years in Rashidieh camp. The project will cover three UNRWAin Rashidieh camp.

Train schools in how to develop, improve, and sustain programs of volunteering and community service.

Association For Volunteer Services

In order to strengthen Amel s overall capacity in the field of Human Rights promotion, the association is currently producing educational material as well as setting up a library and conference roo

Micro-financial services to be provided to rural-businesses Loans will focus on agribusinesses as well as related input and service providers.

Intervention Sectors: 
Advocacy & Awareness
Women Status & Issues

A team of specialized social workers, lawyers, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and forensic doctors provides a series of services to women and children victims of violence and exploitation, and tha

To teach the Arabic language, especially the Levantine dialect of Lebanon, to non Arabs; enabling them to attain a good level of conversation within one year, so as to communicate effectively with

A transparency and accountability awareness campaign holding focus groups for youths between the ages of 15-18, selected from different schools in Akkar.

The Social And Cultural Development Association

The USAID-funded Clustering for Economic Development and Revitalization of Industry Sectors

Cooperative Housing Foundation

Introduce sedentary goats to increase the income of rural women.
16 women benefited from 3 goats with high milk productivity.

The platform objective is to support small CBO s, NGO, informal groups and individual who share the smae guiding principles in the persuite of their projects whilest respecting their indepandance.