Ray Of Hope

This program aims at teaching drop-out children, developing and improving their professional skills, as well as supporting their projects.

Lebanese Association For Health And Social Care
Nour Association For Health And Social Care

Initiating the pre-school education project was challenge in introducing a pedagogical advanced experience within a social and human environment lacking the required appropriate conditions.

The kindergarten teachers are usually chosen from inside the camp and this serves a double purpose. They are closer to the people living the same conditions.

Permanent dispensaries equipped with the necessary medical equipments and medicines to provide consultations and primary health care, as well as itinerant clinics and emergency vehicles to transpor

Nour Association For Health And Social Care

Training sessions for skill and capacity building.
To train young people on different professions to enhance their self-sufficiency.

Nour Association For Health And Social Care

In 1998, the micro-credit program was launched to provide individual loans to Lebanese micro-entrepreneurs who wish to start-up a business activity or to develop existing activities.

The program includes several activities that help raising awareness.

This program includes several activities and projects with a view to the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment and the agricultural sector in the country.

The Palestinian Disability Forum drawn upon the DRA to issue the Palestinian Disability Card that has been approved by the Statistics Project concerning Ain El Helweh and El Taameer camps (Eastern

Al Nahda Disabled Association

This program provides Lebanese citizens with well-equipped training centers (4 branches) where courses are offered in four quarterly terms, of ten weeks each, against a nominal contribution.

- Protecting and fostering childhood

- Community-based learning

- Sustinable club for teenagers

- Training workshop for social and cultural animation work

Our aim is to raise the awareness of people to health as their right that should be defended and not a service offered politically, through press conferences, seminars, popular meetings and univers

National Association Of Social Health