Ray Of Hope

This project aims at providing youngsters who are at risk of delinquency or whom are being abused, with a healthy educational environment, for their own families and environments didn

Nader's Association For Specialized Social Service

The present project aims at raising awareness on mines and cluster bombs among students in schools and people living inside the affected areas.

Vision Association For Development Rehabilitation And Care
Intervention Sectors: 
Training & Capacity Building

1- Vocational Training
2- Local Development
3- Medical Consultations
4- Reintegration
5- Forums

Foyer De La Providence

This program aims at empowering PwDs and their families, as well as improving their life survival skills.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Association

Al- Shouf Cedar Society was established in 1994, our main objective is biodiversity protection and conservation.

Najdeh s reproductive health project, launched in 1996, was expanded and strengthened to conduct a domestic violence prevalence survey and project during 1998-1999.

- we offer psychological support and care and consultations for war victims, physically and sexually abused children and all kind of psychological and psychiatric pathologies

Association Pour La Protection De L Enfant De La Guerre