INSO is looking for a Deputy Safety Advisor focused on Southern Syria

INSO is an international non-governmental, non-profit organisation. Our mission is to support the humanitarian community with information, analysis and advice that enhances situational awareness, supports informed decision-making, strengthens operational practice and enables humanitarian access.

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Scope of the Position

Under the supervision of the Safety Advisor, the successful candidate will be focussed on monitoring safety and security related incidents for Southern Syria using widely available sources in order to inform NGOs about safety and access in the country. The position will also be focused on data collation and management, data verification and encoding as well as assisting the Safety Advisor with drafting reports and assessments. He/She will work under the direction of INSO’s Safety Advisor as well as with INSO’s other Deputy Safety Advisors to also provide briefings and presentations to NGO partners operating in the Syria context. The successful candidate must have a professional working proficiency of Arabic and English (reading, writing and speaking).

Key Duties

  • Receive, review and confirm safety and security incidents on a daily and weekly basis from Arabic and English reports to a final English database.
  • Critically review and verify the quality of the received information.
  • Assist the INSO Safety Advisor with analytical reports, in-depth data assessments and drafting presentations on the safety and security environment in southern Syria and how it affects NGO programming in Syri
  • Assist the Safety Advisor in the delivery of INSO security briefs for NGO partners.
  • Assist with developing the team’s knowledge about NGO operations in Syria.
  • Add to the INSO team’s understanding of the security environment in southern Syria and the impact of this on the capacity of NGOs to deliver services.
  • Expand and maintain INSO’s network of NGO partners.
  • Manage remotely a large team of consultants including administration and follow-up.


For the position of Deputy Safety Advisor, INSO is looking for a male or female candidate with the following qualifications: 

  1. Demonstrated knowledge of the current and historical conflict dynamics in Southern Syria.
  2. Working experience with NGOs or IOs is strongly preferred, especially programming related to Syria or in the region.
  3. Proven experience in conducting high quality conflict monitoring, research / analysis and report writing (outside of academic essays or university dissertations).
  4. Proven skills of working with databases (Microsoft Excel) and well as understanding how to use data for analysis.
  5. Working proficiency in Arabic and English (speaking and writing translation) is a requirement for the position.
  6. An academic background to a Masters Degree Level, preferably political science, international relations, security studies or conflict/war studies, is strongly preferred.
  7. Experience in a management role is also preferred. Remote management experience is a plus.
  8. Displaying an interest in the Syrian context, NGO programming and the value of INSOs work to partner NGOs are essential for the position.
  9. Demonstrating a capacity to look at the conflict in a neutral manner and providing useful analysis.
  10. Having a proactive, curious and detail oriented personality.

The vacancy will be open till the 20th November 2018. Interested persons should send their CV and a covering letter to INSO will not take into consideration incomplete applications. Please note, those candidates without strong security experience but substantial NGO / IO experience are encouraged to apply.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an initial interview and sent a short-written test.

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22/11/2018 - 1:46pm
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Wednesday, 7 November 2018