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Joyce Mtanous
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Key Responsibilities (M&E)

  • Understanding of all instructions provided throughout the training.
  • Handling and filling questionnaires either through digital device (tablet).
  • Discussing with the supervisor challenges faced during data collection.
  • Submitting completed tasks on time and discussing with the supervisor highlights, notes and protection cases on a daily basis.
  • Conduct impact assessment and PIM data collection,
  • Ensure all information on each survey is accurate prior input into the database,
  • Ensure transfer of information to team leader (i.e. total households visited, interview refusal, protection cases),
  • Report immediately to team leader any problem arising in the service.
  • Assist in FGDs as requested.
  • Attend trainings as needed.


Key Responsibilities (Accountability)

  • Answer/Listen, register the complaints or concerns
  • Guide beneficiaries that seek help through the help desk
  • Support beneficiaries through information sharing relating to services provided by World Vision and partner organizations, upon request.
  • Refer beneficiaries per subject needs.
  • Make a daily data entry for all the data collected through the help line.
  • Contacting beneficiaries for specific reasons.
  • Collect the complaints and refer them to officers.
  • Close coordination with the accountability officer in charge.
  • Submitting completed tasks on time and discussing with the supervisor highlights, notes on a daily basis.
  • Discussing with the supervisor challenges faced during his daily work and if he faced issue in data entry.
  • Provide daily report.


Key responsibilities (Cash)

  •    Crowd control at the Entry and in the Waiting area
  •    ID verifications
  •    Training for the Beneficiaries
  •    Validation
  •    Facilitation of the beneficiaries movement inside the validation site
  • Abide with the   WV policies.
  • Establish close coordination with the supervisor
  • Be able to Discuss with the supervisor any challenges faced during this activity
  • Submit completed tasks on time and discuss with the supervisor any highlights, note tasks on a daily basis.
  • Treat  the invited Beneficiaries  in a very professional way according to the Daily plan and the beneficiary list
  • Maintain good accountability and ensure proper documentation
  • Facilitate the Validation site layout in a very professional way according to the Daily plan
  • Train the beneficiaries on the rationale of the validation project.
  • Prior to any validation, confirm through validation desks that the card holder is the card owner.
  •  Verify the beneficiary ID, UNHCR certificate, and E-card number and confirm that the documents match before the validation.
  • No show phone calls.



The casual workers will be paid according to the below table:

Casual Worker

30$/day without car

60$/day with car 



Knowledge and skills required

  • Good written English, with good command of spoken Arabic and English.
  • High school certificate or undergraduate diploma.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of the Central Bekaa and West Bekaa area.
  • Ability to act with appropriate respect to the beneficiaries’ cultures and traditions.
  • Ability to listen and respond to beneficiary inquiry under any circumstances.
  • Ability to gather information in an objective, appropriate and sensitive way.
  • Ability to ask appropriate gender sensitive questions.
  • Expertise to enter, transcribe, record, maintain data/information in written or electronic forms.
  • Basic understanding of technology such as tablets.
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14 Mar, 2019
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth
Application Deadline:
Sunday, 17 March 2019
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment
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Salary Range:
< 800 (USD)
Education Degree:
No Degree Required
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Experience Requirements:
Less than one year
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