SI/PMSPLII requests a local company or research organization to conduct data collection for a Citizen Perception Survey (CPS)

USAID/Lebanon informs its programmatic activities through assessments, and special studies. Recently, a Gender Assessment, an Economic Growth Assessment, and a Political Economy Assessment have been undertaken. This is part of a continuing commitment to understand the community it serves, to serve it better and more efficiently.
The Citizen Perception Survey (CPS) was requested to examine, confirm, and further inform what will be learned from the recent Gender Assessment, Economic Growth Assessment, and Political Economy Assessment. Gender Assessment finding are available, the EGA findings should be known by early November, and the PEA findings by late November. A key objective of this survey is to serve as a resource document for a soon-to-be revised Country Development Strategy Statement (CDCS). The questions asked by the CPS are to be tightly linked to helping USAID/Lebanon achieve its Development Objectives.
Social Impact will conduct stakeholder consultations and relevant background research and design a survey instrument for the Citizen Perception Survey (CPS). Following this, SI will draft a comprehensive RFP that details all necessary technical specifications for data collection firms and will initiate the process of competitively procuring a local data collection firm. Overseen by SI, the local firm will be responsible for a number of steps to prepare for and carry out data collection, including but not limited to:
• Support the development of SI’s sampling approach meeting SI and USAID requirements for level of precision, geographical representativeness, etc. (the final parameters will be specified in the RFP),
• Support finalization of questionnaires (Comment substantively on draft questionnaires; Translate and back-translate questionnaires; Pre-Test questionnaires),
• Develop training materials and data collection manuals,
• Recruit enumerators and all other staff required to carry out the data collection,
• Train all field teams, ensuring their preparedness to conduct data collection,
• Oversee a comprehensive pilot activity (including sampling and surveying),
• Obtain all relevant local permissions from relevant agencies and/or local officials to ensure access to required areas or populations to successfully conduct the survey,
• Establish a quality assurance system which aligns with SI’s requirements,
• Establishing systems for maintaining data security and respondent protection which align with SI’s requirements,
• Reporting regularly on data collection progress using SI standard templates.
SI will be particularly interested to work with a firm which can demonstrate successful experience carrying out electronic or mobile data collection, particularly with Android-based data collection platforms such as ODK and SurveyCTO. Firms should highlight any such relevant experience in their response. All of SI’s detailed requirements and expected standards as referenced above will be outlined in the RFP. SI personnel will actively manage and oversee field work through a combination of on-the-ground and remote activities.

How to apply

Please respond to this CEI by Wednesday February 13, 17.00 Beirut time with an application that includes the following information:
1. Organization name and address in Lebanon
2. Contact person email and phone number in Lebanon
3. A summary of the organization’s capabilities to conduct large-scale data collection (e.g. nationally- and sub-nationally representative household surveys)

This opportunity is open for organizations that meet the following qualifications:
1. Legal business registration in Lebanon
2. Demonstrated experience in data collection
3. Agreement to work with SI as a subcontractor on the CPS, if selected for this role
All organizations proposed for selection must successfully complete vetting through the Partner Vetting System.

Please direct all submissions by email to and, with and copied.

Wednesday, 13. Feb 2019
Type of Call
Call for proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Citizenship, Education, Gender issues, Good governance and transparency, Water sanitation and hygiene