Lebanon Citizen Perception Survey (CPS) – Wave 2

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) commissioned Social Impact, Inc. (SI) to design and implement a Citizen Perception Survey (CPS) in 2019. The primary purpose of the CPS was to validate the results of three recently completed assessments: a political economy assessment, a gender assessment, and an economic growth assessment. The CPS carried out in 2019 was successfully completed.

USAID and SI are now planning a second wave (wave 2) of the CPS. There have been significant, economic, and health events since wave 1. It is not well known what the impact has been of these critical changes to the Lebanese context. The purpose of wave 2 is to gather information needed for possible adaptive management of USAID’s existing projects and activities to respond to critical context changes.

SI is responsible for the design and overall technical oversight of the CPS wave 2 and intends to subcontract the data collection for the CPS to a local Lebanese firm. The objective of this request for proposals (RPF) is to solicit technical and cost proposals for this data collection.

Please note that in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect wave 2 will be conducted by phone. As such, wave 2 will make use of a heavily abbreviated version of the wave 1 questionnaire, with a new brief module to gather perceptions regarding COVID-19.

The sections that follow further detail the scope of work and technical requirements for this assignment, as well as guidelines for proposal submission. Note that the parameters outlined in this scope of work represent the scope of work currently anticipated but is subject to adjustment. SI may request updated cost proposals from top offerors based on final details of the scope and sample size following initial review of technical and cost proposals.

Social Impact is seeking to subcontract a Lebanese firm that is highly experienced in carrying out large-scale household surveys to implement data collection for the CPS between July and August 2020. Offerors must submit proposals which demonstrate a clear understanding of the assignment, address all aspects of the scope of work detailed in the following sections, and clearly demonstrate their ability to complete the work without sacrificing quality, explicitly discussing any relevant trade-offs to be considered as part of the technical approach.

Technical proposals should be organized into three sections: Technical Approach, Personnel, and Past Performance. Requirements for each section are described in the attached proposal.

How to apply

Please direct all submissions by email to [email protected] and indicate in the submission the area of expertise (Title).

Tuesday, 14. Jul 2020
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
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Development, Research & Studies