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To assist the Safety & Security Manager in reducing the risks posed to the programme personnel and assets of all national, international Save the Children (SCI) staff and their dependants and volunteers in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, South, and Bekaa areas through the developing and ensuring the systematic application of safety and security management systems, policies and procedures in all of SCI operational areas in the aforementioned areas. 



Reports to: Safety & Security Manager

Staff reporting to this post: None



Security Management and Systems

  • Support in ensuring that all Beirut, Mount-Lebanon, South and Bekaa Save the Children program activities/locations are assessed and monitored relative to their impact on staff safety and security, and recommend – appropriate onward communication – specific protocols and practices to reduce staff risk and vulnerability.
  • Continuously monitor the security /safety environment, nationally, and locally for all program areas, and make recommendations accordingly to adjust security policies and procedures as needed.
  • Publish and implement the Country Safety & Security Management policy and guidelines.
  • Ensure that contingency plans for evacuation, relocation, hibernation, and medical evacuation are disseminated and adopted amongst relevant staff including a detailed contextual assessment and situational update, which is regularly revised at least quarterly.
  • Support in conducting contingency planning exercise, drills and simulations at field level where all teams need to participate in order to build capacities and spread awareness and SCI crisis management protocols at all levels.
  • Conduct regular visits to the field offices.
  • Ensure and regularly reassess that vehicles, premises and equipment are compliant with safety and security standards.
  • Assess program activities and their impact on staff security and make recommendations to reduce staff vulnerability.
  • Conduct security assessments in new areas in Lebanon prior to entry by Save the Children’s program staff.
  • Support in budget field security related activities/purchases/installations on a yearly and sub-yearly basis.
  • Research and analyse security-related information from a variety of local and international media sources, the UN and other INGOs in order to produce a formal weekly/ As needed security update. 
  • Support in provide input to Safety & Security section during proposal development phase on Safety & Security needs.
  • Ensure that communication systems are adequate and maintained and provide training to staff on the use of such equipment and communications protocols in conjunction with the Logistics Department.
  • Develop security briefing materials and ensure that all new employees, international or national, receive appropriate security orientation within 24-48 hours of arrival in the field.
  • Track daily field missions and movements of staff
  • When needed, provide guidance to the Logistics team on travel and vehicle fleet management policies; ensure vehicle inspection procedures are applied and all vehicles are properly equipped; train drivers in established procedures and requisite skills.
  • Ensure that incident report forms are properly compiled by staff and are sent to relevant staff.
  • Coordinate post-incident follow up actions, analysis and recommendations.
  • Ensure systems are in place to instantly respond to a crisis management situation by working with the Area Management teams.
  • Assist Safety and Security Manager and supervise on developing emergency teams in the field offices
  • Support in partnership assessment and capacity building as requested by Safety and Security Manager.
  • Undertake reviews of individual security procedures and policies as requested and make recommendations to further enhance security.
  • Submit a security update (to include situational analysis, actions taken, and actions recommended) to Area Management Teams & Safety and Security Manager on a regular basis.
  • Present written weekly and monthly reports to the Area Management Teams & Safety and Security Manager.
  • Provide recommendations to field staff as to ways in which they can effectively reach out to, gain acceptance from and improve their image in host communities.
  • Follow up on all administrative issues related to the safety and security unit.



  • Ensure that briefing documents and maps are developed to help orient all new staff (national and international) about the overall security situation in Beirut, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon and South and the particular threats and procedures in the areas where staff will be based.
  • Ensure that a centralized filing system of security-related documents is maintained and updated.
  • Conduct on-going threat assessments and compile reports on security assessments of offices, staff guest houses, field sites and project areas.
  • Support the SSM to ensure proper use of the SC Reporter on-line security situation update and incident reporting system; and to analyse incident data and share resulting information with relevant staff, as appropriate.
  • Ensure that regular security meetings are conducted with relevant SC staff, consultants and partners


Capacity Building and Training

  • Support in building the capacity of the Safety and Security Focal Points and field staff in terms of personal safety and security.  Develop a programme of induction and continuation training for current and new staff. Work with staff to build a shared understanding of security analysis and risk minimization.
  • In consultation with the Safety and Security Manager, support in conducting security trainings for all staff in safety and security related subjects ensuring that policy and guidelines are understood and are being adopted and implemented across the programme. 
  • Guide train and monitor all staff to ensure the Country’s Minimum Standards in Safety and Security are followed and respected


Coordination and Networking

  • Coordinate and liaise on programme safety and security matters with all relevant actors in within his areas of implementation such as national and international NGOs, UN, Donor organisations, government authorities.
  • Proactively share information with staff in the field ensuring high security awareness levels, close situation monitoring and effective two-way communication on security-related issues.
  • Under guidance of the Safety and Security Manager, serve as a key resource to SCI partners in times of emergencies, such as natural or manmade disasters.
  • Participate in the INGOs security forum within his areas of implementation.




  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field or at least 3 years comparable related experience;
  • Substantial experience in non-profit organisations with humanitarian assistance programs including supervisory and overseas work experience;
  • Advanced level of understanding of various communications technologies, including VHF and HF radio systems, satellite phones, cell phones, etc.
  • Solid training skills and the ability to develop and implement successful training sessions;
  • Solid organizational skills:
  • The ability to be flexible and work well under pressure in a fast-paced team environment;
  • Computer literacy, particularly in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and database/mapping systems;
  • Ability to balance demands of beneficiary and security actors while maintaining appropriate contextual NGO security advice and coordination;
  • Sound knowledge of humanitarian principles of impartiality and neutrality as outlined in the Humanitarian Charter and the International Red Cross Code of Conduct.
  • Resourcefulness and creativity in developing the role of security within the programme and ensuring the most effective support to line management;
  • Excellent coordination, and reporting skills, with the ability to organise a substantial workload comprised of complex, diverse tasks and responsibilities;
  • Strong communication, people management and interpersonal skills in English and Arabic, with experience in leading multicultural, values driven teams;
  • Willingness to work and travel in often difficult and insecure environments;
  • Commitment to Save the Children global policies and values.
  • Valid Driving Licence
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11 Jan, 2019
Intervention Sector(s):
Safety and Security
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Thursday, 17 January 2019
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Full Time
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until 31 December 2019
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1500 to 2000 (USD)
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Bachelor Degree
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2 to 3 years
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