Project Description

LIFE is a 5-year USAID-funded project implemented by Palladium. The purpose of LIFE project is to improve economic opportunities and livelihoods of low income individuals and microenterprises by expanding and strengthening microfinance associations’ and member institutions’ services and enhancing entrepreneurs’ business skills.  To this end, LIFE will improve livelihoods, strengthen microfinance activities and advance inclusive finance.  Inclusive Finance, also referred to as financial inclusion, is defined as “universal access to a broad range of financial services, at a reasonable cost, provided by a diversity of sound and sustainable institutions.” LIFE will consolidate the gains made under the Lebanon Investment in Microfinance Program (LIM) and expand inclusive finance to the unbanked and higher-risk, micro business clientele.

Project Goal

The USAID/Lebanon LIFE project will strengthen livelihoods, advance the microfinance industry, and inclusive finance, in order to improve economic opportunities for under-served entrepreneurs and recipients of microfinance services. 


Funding Opportunity Statement


LIFE will use grants to stimulate creation of Revitalization Hubs in some especially vulnerable peri-urban areas in Tripoli, North Lebanon, so as to provide the most significant impact. These hubs in which several Livelihood partners will work in synergy in one concentrated area with its underserved population will incubate and enhance a more productive business ecosystem.  We are expecting that the awarded NGOs in each area will coordinate their work with the governing municipality and with other USAID Economic Growth activities working in the same areas.

This round of grants is expected to:

  1. Target vulnerable peri-urban areas in Tripoli, North Lebanon, with emphasis on  youth, women and people with disabilities; and
  2. Provide training and mentoring to support basic business skills such as product design, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. Sectors can vary based on market demand and needs such as tourism and hospitality, specialty/processed foods, digital literacy, IT skills, beauty, and agribusiness, etc. NGOs and/or business development services  (BDS) and will deliver trainings in ways that are sensitive to the target audience; for women with limited time, or people with physical disabilities and limited mobility, flexible training schedules may be most appropriate; and/or 
  3. Provide in-kind resources to committed participants (entrepreneurs and SMEs) to start/expand/sustain their businesses through NGOs and/or BDS provides.
  4. Coordinate with other community stakeholders (other NGOs, MFI’s municipalities, unions, chambers of commerce, etc.) to accelerate and magnify a positive socio-economic developmental impact.


LIFE intends to award grants to NGOs/BDS providers that are both independent and/or affiliated and which have the best access to entrepreneur networks and SMEs, are skilled in vetting potential grantees, have prior experience making similar grants, and can clearly demonstrate their role in the expansion of financial inclusion and coordination with other community stakeholders to achieve a positive and sustainable socio-economic developmental impact in their areas of implementation. These actors will leverage their existing footprints and expertise to deliver their services and/or issue sub-awards to beneficiaries. Applicants must be legally registered and recognized under the laws of Lebanon and meet the eligibility criteria set under LIFE project and provide corresponding supporting documents

How to apply

The full RFA with all needed details, requirements can be requested from LIFE team via the listed email address:

Subject Line: Request for RFA #4

Attn: Nataly Chebib and/or Rita Fermanian

Sunday, 27. Jan 2019
Type of Call
Call for Applications
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