Consultancy Services - Review of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society first aid programme in Iraq



The humanitarian situation in Iraq, which is likely to continue in the foreseeable future, the substantial investments in the IRCS’ first aid and ambulance capacity over the last years, and the strong partnership between the IRCS and NorCross, call for the IRCS to plan its future role and engagement in first aid and ambulance services. If the services continue to be a priority for the IRCS, exploring investment opportunities to ensure significant and sustainable impact, and the possibility of scaling up these services, if strategically prioritized by IRCS, needs to be addressed.


The review to be carried out according to this ToR, intends to support IRCS decision-making process and ensuring the role IRCS plays and actions it takes in first aid and ambulances is based on up-to-date information and sound strategic planning. Current programme and the opportunities available to the National Society shall be assessed. Depending on its conclusions, the following decisions and actions of the IRCS, and support from partners, are likely to be highly relevant to the process of developing the new IRCS first aid strategy.



Review purpose and objectives, and scope of programme


Purpose (overall objective):

  • Review the IRCS first aid and ambulance programme from 2013 up until 2018 for informing future IRCS’ strategic decisions and advise its operational planning and implementation of first aid and ambulance activities in Iraq.

Specific objectives and review questions

  • Assess whether the first aid programme has reached its goal
  • Evaluate the performance of the first aid programme according to the review criteria (see section 5).
  • Recommend steps to be taken to improve IRCS’ first aid programme and any gaps and/or capacity building needs remaining that should be addressed
  • Map the different stakeholders of First aid and ambulance services in Iraq, their capacities and coverage.
  • Elaborate strategic options available to the IRCS in first aid in Iraq, including its role in providing ambulance services.
  • Provide recommendations on NorCross’ role and support to the IRCS first aid programme in view of strategic options and programming.

Scope of programme

  • Unit of review: The IRCS first aid programme under the IRCS Health Department. See additional details in the background section above.
  • Locations where the programme has been implemented: Nationwide for general first aid trainings and in Mosul, West Anbar and Baghdad for ambulance services
  • Target group(s) in the programme: Primary target groups: IRCS health department/first aid personnel; IRCS trainers and trainees of first aid; and ambulance first responders. Secondary target groups:  Beneficiaries of first aid programme including host communities, refugees and IDPs
  • Stakeholders in the programme: IRCS HQ, IRCS branches, MoH



Consultant/s and qualifications


Required qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in health, especially health in emergencies or conflict
  • Minimum of five years in undertaking reviews or evaluations (especially in conflict contexts)
  • Proven track record of conducting qualitative research including the development of interview schedules and qualitative data analysis
  • Demonstrated experience in planning and implementing reviews or evaluations to assess programme performance and advice on strategy choices and future planning
  • Demonstrated experience in planning, implementing and reporting on health interventions generally, and in health in emergencies especially
  • Experience in first aid and ambulance services
  • Experience in working in foreign cultures and ability to adapt communication style, preferably in the Middle East
  • Experience from humanitarian work in emergency contexts

Preferred qualifications:

  • Arabic language skills applicable in work situations (i.e., translator not required)
  • Experience in working in volatile/conflict contexts
  • Experience from the Red Cross and Red Crescent and with volunteer-based work



  • Length of the contract: 1 month
  • Accommodation provided by Norwegian Red Cross
  • Single position
  • Starting Date: ASAP
  • Location: based in Baghdad with travels to Kurdistan and other areas


How to apply

Application procedures


This section states the specific procedures, materials, and deadlines for potential applicants to submit their application. Interested candidates should submit their application to:

Deadline: 26-February-2019

The application should include the following six documents in PDF format:[1]

  1. Curricula Vitae (CV) for the consultant/all members of the team applying for consideration.
  2. Cover letter clearly summarizing your experience as it pertains to this assignment, your daily rate, and three professional references (maximum 2 pages).
  3. A brief description of your firm or institution (for applicants other than individual contractors).
  4. Proposal for further developing this ToR to optimise the implementation and results of the review. It will also allow NorCross to assess the applicants’ understanding and interpretation of the assignment.
  5. Financial proposal itemizing estimated costs for services rendered (daily consultancy fees), transport costs, stationery costs, and any other related supplies or services required for the review. Note that NorCross will book and pay for the flight ticket and arrange accommodation and travel in Iraq.
  6. At least one example of a review or evaluation report similar to that described in this ToR.
  7. Starting sate: ASAP


Application material are non-returnable. We thank you in advance for understanding that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next step in the application process.


Only applications submitted by the deadline will be considered.

Tuesday, 26. Feb 2019
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