Consultant / Researcher – Specialist in development and humanitarian evaluation and assessments

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Interested candidates should send CV, a brief technical proposal including methodology and budget.
Deadline for the submission of proposals by the evaluators is 30th April 2018.
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 01-302079

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Buthaina Saad
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Coordination and networking officer
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TOR- for external evaluation on the relation between Association Najdeh and local community In the Palestinian Refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon


  1. Assessing the relevance of the holistic approaches of the programmes and services to the community needs. 
  2. Assessing the involvement and participation of the Palestinian local community, mainly Palestinian women and girls of the local community, in the participation, designing, monitoring, and evaluation of AN programmes during years 2013-2015
  3. Assessing the effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability of the programmes.
  4. Identifying the weaknesses and the strengths of Association Najdeh, especially the relationship with the local community, programming, and organization levels.



Key evaluation questions have to be addresses such as the detailed questions below. These questions are relevant, and should be answered within the process of the evaluation:

  1. To what extent the community, especially women, have consulted and participated in the designing, selecting, monitoring and evaluating AN programmes and projects and their impact?
  2. How relevant was the design and selection of the projects to community and women needs?
  3. To what extent the programmes/projects are filling the gaps of the other service providers?
  4. To what extent have the programmes/projects and activities of Najdeh empowered its target group, staff, and women and girls’ leaders at the participation level?
  5. How long are lasting the results likely to be? (for example, women empowerment activities, raising awareness etc…) i.e., sustainability of impact.
  6. How efficiently had Najdeh’s community participation been managed and improved?
  7. What benchmarks and/or critical factors can be identified for the success or failure of community participation which may be applicable to future planning?
  8. What changes (impact) the participation brought and raised at personal and local community levels.



Deliverables must coherently outline the evidence for conclusions and recommendations, and they will include:

  1. Approach and methodology paper
  2. Draft Final Report: the report should be in English and consist of:

c.1 Introduction on the socio-political and economic situation of Palestinians in   Lebanon, and Lebanese policies towards Palestinian refugees.

c.2. A brief introduction to Association Najdeh.

c.3 Executive summaries: of key findings, recommendations and lessons learned.

c.4 Table of contents

c.5 Evaluation findings: evidence collected, analysis and associated data presented. This section should include some contextual background.

c.6 Conclusions: including analysis of benchmarks and/or critical factors.

c.7 Recommendations:  or implications for future action

c.8 Appendices: which include collected data, a detailed description of the methodology with research instruments, list of interviewees, bibliography, and evaluator/s brief biography.

d)  Presentation workshop on the key findings of the key local community members and staff of AN to be conducted.

e). Final Report: satisfactorily addressing any of Najdeh’s comments on the draft. The final Report will be provided to Najdeh in one electronic and one maximum 30 pages hard copy versions. 

Report language is English with an executive summary in English and Arabic as well as Arabic where necessary in the appendices.

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03 May, 2018
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Application Deadline:
Wednesday, 2 May 2018
Contract Type:
Period of Employment:
Duration: 4 weeks Evaluation covering period: 2015-2017
Estimated salary based of the evaluators' proposals
Salary Range:
> 3000 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
- Expert in development and humanitarian field of work. - At least 7 years of experience in design, management, monitoring and evaluation of development and humanitarian programs. - Substantial and direct experience of programme design and implementation in Arab countries. Previous experience in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon is a strong asset. - Fluency in written and spoken English. Working knowledge of Arabic strongly preferred.
Experience Requirements:
5 to 10 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language: