Mines Advisory Group (MAG) Lebanon has received grants various donors for the implementation of the humanitarian aid operation. Part of this operation is the necessary provision and delivery of DGPS in Nabatieh .


MAG is inviting competent, professional and established suppliers’/service providers capable to supply to the above location and does have a valid registration, Tax documents to respond to the Bid.


The aim of this Bidding process is to select one or multiple suppliers with whom to sign a Framework Agreement (FWA) for the duration of one year for the provision of the above-mentioned goods.


Should you require further information or clarification on the tender requirements, please contact at the following address below or Sharif.safiaddin@maginternational.org




           DGPS   (specifications )

•          Receiver specification:

•          GPS tracking  L1,L2,L2c,L5

•          Glonass tracking L1,L2,L3

•          Beidou tracking B1,B2,B3

•          Galileo tracking  E1,E5a,E5b,E6

•          Channel 555 multi frequency

•          Kinematic horizontal accuracy  8mm+-1ppm(rms)

•          Kinematic vertical accuracy  15mm+-1ppm(rms)

•          Internal radio 1 watt

•          Integrated GSM

•          Proyecyion class IP68 dust and waterproof

•          Humidity 100%

•          Operating temp  -40 to 65 degree C


Software Specification :

•          Software must be able to installed on android system

•          live sharing of the data

•          Google earth onboard

•          Import and export of shape file (esri)

•          Import and export of DXF

•          Export KML file

How to apply

1.The Contracting Authority must receive the tenders before the closure date specified in section

2. They must include all the documents specified in section 11 of these Instructions and be sent to the following address Completed tender documents should be submitted to tenderslebanon@maginternational.org, or deposited in the MAG Lebanon tender box situated at Salami Building, Der El Zahrani Main road, Nabatieh between the hours of 8am to 15:30pm.

3.Check The Uploaded DOCX File (Annex A-Tender instructions for DGPS) for further Information. and follow the Below link for the other forms:


Monday, 18. Feb 2019
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Mines/UXO Clearance