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  • Interested candidates should send CV, and a cover letter.
  • Deadline for the submission of applications by the candidates is 3rd ,February, 2020.
  • Any application is not related to the terms of reference will be disregarded.
  • Email: [email protected] under the title of (Finance Officer).
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Terms of Refernce

Position: Finance Officer

Location: Saida – Lebanon (Residing Saida is a must)

About Maarouf Saad Social & Cultural Foundation (MSSCF):

The Maarouf Saad Social & Cultural Foundation was founded in 1978 and registered in 1980 - as an independent Lebanese non-governmental organization (NGO). The Maarouf Saad Social and Cultural Foundation (MSSCF) was founded to provide educational, health, and social services to all under-privileged communities. Operating without discrimination and with special attention to vulnerable groups, the organization strives to spread human and citizenship rights awareness within the communities it services. Also, MSSCF is running three primary healthcare units, one community out-reach center, and a Rescue Department Unit.

MSSCF creates social, educational, and health development programs in partnership with the local community, encouraging their participation through initiatives tailored to their needs; these include topics on healthcare, community awareness and social assistance programs, as well as children's day summer activities.

In 2019, an assessment of the foundation was conducted, and came out by main recommendations for 2019-2020 Plan of Action of MSSCF.

The recommendations dealt with the administrative and the field work from a perspective point of view to the coming years that MSSCF has to take action within it's programs and projects.

 MSSCF has been working on ground for more than 40 years, and this gave the foundation credibility and sustainability among the local and displaced communities. The Foundation has a solid base of motivated staff from the local community who has excellent communication connections within the community, trustworthy community social workers and dedicated to the cause of making change in the community.

The Finance Officer is responsible for monitoring "Maarouf Saad Foundation" MSSCF's office financial activities; approving and reconciling office finances while ensuring compliance within legal and organizational guidelines.  S/he will ensure applying sound principles of accounting control procedures and recording all financial information and data. S/he will appropriately prepare financial reports through compiling information and preparing balance statements and budgets of the Foundation, and its Projects.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for quality and timely day-to-day accountancy operations: payments control and  preparation, ensuring that the organization’s payments templates are used and signed and that  vouchers have all the needed supporting documents
  • Responsible for  electronic data-entry of all Bank and Cash vouchers
  • Act as a liaison with support department for any issue related to payments
  • Ensuring that authorized signatories sign on the vouchers.
  • Ensure that adequate financial management routines and systems are in place, and that the organization’s accounting practices and standards are adhered to, and in accordance with requirements from donors, auditors and authorities: especially quotations, purchasing, authentication and payment procedures.
  • Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document all project transactions and resolve accounting discrepancies.
  • Maintain and coordinate the implementation of standardized accounting control policies and procedures.
  • Follow up on the budget development of each project and accordingly review processes in collaboration with projects staff and managers.
  • Support and monitor programme staff responsible for budget lines accounts so as to enable them to carry out their roles effectively.
  • Conduct regular site visits to all MSSCF's projects, and carry out audits where necessary and when requested by the General Director, Programme Director, and the Partners "Donors".
  • Manage and ensure timely and due payments for local staff payroll.
  • Perform monthly cash reconciliations (Cash and Bank) to ensure accuracy in cash management system.
  • Assist the internal and external Auditors to perform initial financial department audits to ensure accuracy.
  • Prepare financial statements according to monthly schedules
  • Prepare with analyzing financial statements on a monthly basis, and report on variances to the GD, and the Project Director and the Administrative Assistant.
  • Assist with preparing Governmental Requirements (tax declarations and reporting, NSSF declarations and settlements, and VAT reimbursement).
  • Assist in documentation and monitoring of internal controls.
  • Perform total balance reconciliation on monthly basis.
  • Work in close collaboration with Programme Manager in order to ensure smooth running of program activities.


 Financial Reporting:

  • Ensure relevant, timely and accurate financial reports.
  • Manage the finance activities to meet the financial reporting deadlines.
  • Manage preparing financial reports on utilization of grants from external donors, as they are required (including original receipts, tenders, exchange rates, etc.).
  • Support the external auditor to ensure timely audit report statements. 
  • In coordination with Program Manager and Projects Coordinators, perform periodic reviews of all projects' financial functions, and support them when required.
  • Prepare cash flow forecasts and expenditure projections to each project.
  • Control of Partners’ Financial reports.


 Financial Systems:

  • Ensure the presence of adequate controls over cash and bank holdings.
  • Oversee the proper protection and recording of assets.
  • Recommend, develop and maintain the protection and backup of financial databases, reports and receipts and an adequate filing system. 



  • Responsible to file properly all financial documentation according to guidelines.
  • Should upload all electronic filing on the specified folder on [cloud back-up].
  • Responsible to maintain physical and electronic Finance data filing and backup
  • Upload Finance data on [cloud back-up].


Capacity Building:

  • Cooperate, to attend needed workshops to enhance and develop financial capacities of MSSCF with Partners, Donors, or others specialized financial fields.


Personal Competences:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and work calmly under pressure and limited guidance and supervision.
  • Strong sense of organization and planning
  • Analytical, systematic and structured
  • Excellent command of English, French is an advantage.


  • Finance Officer


  • Interested candidates should send CV, and a cover letter.
  • Deadline for the submission of applications by the candidates is 3rd,february, 2020
  • .
  • Any application is not related to the terms of reference will be disregarded.
  • Email: [email protected] under the title of (Finance Officer).
Last modified: 
28 Jan, 2020
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Health, Social & Cultural Development
Application Deadline:
Monday, 3 February 2020
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment:
One year (extendable)
Salary Range:
800 to 1200 (USD)
Education Degree:
Masters Degree
Education Degree Details:
Experience Requirements:
1 to 2 years
Arabic Language:
Very Good
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • South Lebanon
  • Saida (Sidon)