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17/08/2018 - 2:31pm

Established in 2006, Lebanon Support was registered as a National Non-Governmental Organisation in 2008 (registered under the number 168/2009 AD).

Lebanon Support is a multidisciplinary space creating synergies and bridging between researchers, experts, civil society and NGO practitioners, and activists. Lebanon Support aims to foster social change through innovative uses of social science, digital technologies, and publication and exchange of knowledge.

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Research Centre
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Coordination & Information management
Research & Studies
Science & Technology
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Content and Communication Officer
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Furn el-Chebbak main street 3rd Floor, Scala Bldg.
Beirut , Beirut
Phone: +9611285897
33° 52' 25.6728" N, 35° 31' 8.5188" E
Beirut LB
Furn el-Chebbak main street
3rd Floor, Scala Bldg.
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Sana Tarabay


This package includes 3 maps pertaining to Lebanon's 2009 elections: - "confessional-distrib": showing the confessional geographic distribution of Lebanon's population - "election-results": showing the election results in West Bekaa/Rashaya and Metn areas. - "results&voters": showing the sectarian representation of parliamentary seats across Lebanon, the percentage of voters per electoral district, election results, and deputy representation per number of voters

This issue of Tatimma focuses on the question of civil rights and liberties in Lebanon. Whilst it is usually considered that civil freedoms in Lebanon are light-years ahead of other Arab countries. Yet this state of liberties appears to be more a facade for a discriminatory system which limits the liberties of Lebanese citizens, specifically Lebanese women, refugees, foreign workers to name a few.


During the event, Lebanon Support and forumZFD will present this mapping, as well as the infographic and key findings of the report developed based on the database. The presentation will be followed by a panel intervention of a range of actors from civil society, education, and policy making who will share their insights and experiences on initiatives addressing the past in Lebanon. [Names of panelists will be announced soon]

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 - 6:00pm


Under the supervision of the Content and Communication Officer, the intern is required to

Friday, 10 August 2018

Lebanon Support recruits interns on a rolling basis. Interns joining Lebanon Support will have access to a wide range of resources in the fields of information management and research, and will acquire new skills and a better understanding of Lebanon’s civil society sector, as well as an in depth knowledge of developmental, humanitarian and human rights notions, concepts and methodologies.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Published by Lebanon Support, the Civil Society Review emphasises cutting-edge and critical transdisciplinary analysis in a wide range of topics relevant to social sciences. It offers a novel...

website: csincubator.lebanon-support.org

Building on the informal support and coaching Lebanon Support has been providing over the years...