How To Develop Historical Thinking? - Reaching Out For Teachers Across Lebanon

"How to Develop Historical Thinking? - Reaching out for Teachers Across Lebanon" is a project that introduces a disciplinary approach to history pedagogy in Lebanon. It proposes refocusing history education on historical thinking, and thus on processes of open yet rigorous enquiry and debate about the meanings of the past. Rather than relying on a single textbook account, this approach engages student in exploring how and why diverse historical accounts are constructed. Students are being taught how to interrogate – critically, collaboratively, and constructively multiple, conflicting or incomplete sources of evidence. The program is a continuation of previous workshops and aims at reaching a wider and more diverse group of history teachers through a series of workshops focusing on historical thinking. The workshops will be conducted in Arabic and will involve the designing and implementation of three one-day workshops in three different areas in Lebanon, namely the North, South and Mount Lebanon.

Overall Objectives: 
The project aims at building a community of learners among history teachers nationwide as a step towards launching a responsible conversation about the past and towards building awareness about how the past is constructed and how powerful groups will always try to influence the past by forcing one version, their version.
There will be organised three workshops in each of three areas in Lebanon. The workshops titled: 1) Causation, 2) Evidence, 3) Change and continuity.
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Beirut LB
Collaboration with Other Organisations
The workshops will be carried out by the Lebanese Association of History in collaboration with Notre-Dame University-Louaize in Lebanon.