Call for Bidding / Medical equipment: Anesthesia Machine, Ceiling lamp, Orthopedic operation table

Anesthesia Machine

  • Delivering anesthesia Agents to Patient during Surgery Procedures
  • Monitoring system of ECG, EtCO2, Pulse Oximeter and airway pressure, NIBP, and skin Temperature (2 options are needed: build in monitor or separate monitor)
  • Anesthesia Gas monitoring system O2, N2O, and Compressed Air
  • Scavenger System
  • Isoflurane Vaporizer and Sevoflurane Vaporizer
  • Provision for delivery of oxygen, nitrous oxide and medical air with pressure gauges
  • Audio-visual oxygen Failure Warning System with Nitrous oxide cut off
  • Flowmeter Oxygen, Flowmeter Nitrous Oxide, and Flowmeter Compressed Medical Air
  • Top Shelf to keep monitors and a Tabletop with Drawers to keep anesthetic drugs, equipment etc.
  • Durable , moisture resistant and antistatic Wheels with Brakes
  • The Anesthesia machine frame shall be made of rust proof material/Stainless steel or sheet Steel protected with Epoxy-Paint
  • Adjustable pressure limiting Valve, breathing circuit pressure measuring  device
  • Bag/Ventilator selecting Valve integrated onto the Absorber
  • Easily attach oxygen sensor
  • CO2 absorbent Chamber Canister (Soda Lime)
  • Supplied with adult and pediatric Bellows
  • Can operate for Adult and Pediatrics
  • Ability to set Tidal Volume, Respiratory rate and I:E ratio Ventilator should have audible alarms for ventilator failure, low oxygen supply Pressure, inadequate volume delivery, disconnection alarm, and power supply failure
  • Hose assembly for piped Oxygen supply (2 Sets), Hose assembly for piped Nitrous Oxide supply (2 Sets), and Hose assembly for piped  Air supply (2 Sets)
  • Power supply 220 Volt, 50 Hz
  • Backup Battery (for about 3 hours)
  • CE, FDA approved   


Ceiling Light

  • Operating LED Light
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Two Heads, 160,000 Lux each
  • Lifespan of LEDs more than 50,000 Hours
  • Color Temperature: 4.500 Degree Kelvin
  • Dimming Range: 50 – 100 %
  • Mechanical Adjustable Focus
  • Total Power Consumption to be less than 50 Watts
  • Room Dimensions: 6.45 m * 5.45 m * 3.05 m


Operating Table

  • carrying out treatments, dressing interventions and operations of general surgery and  traumatology
  • Orthopedic Table
  • All  exposed metallic parts shall be made from stainless, acid proof steel
  • Table base shall be mobile and shall have central brakes Back
  • Rest and leg rest inclination angle, kidney elevator, Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions and height adjustment of the table top shall be activated by electro hydraulic system
  • Table top shall be translucent for x-rays
  • Table top length approximately 2000 mm
  • Table top width approximately 600mm
  • Minimal height of the table 750mm
  • Maximal height of the table 1100mm indicatively
  • Trendelenburg at least 25
  • Reverse Trendelenburg at least 25º
  • Lateral tilt at least 18º
  • Back rest inclination angle  at least +55º to -25º
  • Head rest inclination angle at least 45º up
  • Head rest inclination angle at least 20º down 
  • Power requirements 220 Volts, 50Hz 


  • Body restraint Strap with clamp : 1
  • Padded Shoulder supports : 2
  • Padded Leg support with swivel type clamp : 2
  • Padded arm Rests 450 -500 mm long with two arm Clamps : 2
  • Padded Lateral support with universal attachment Clamp : 2
  • Padded rubber mattresses with Anti-Microbial agent incorporated into all components that assists in Prohibiting growth of bacteria & fungi and easy to clean and maintain and of at least of 1” thickness : 2
  • I.V drip Stands attachable to the table
  • Environmental factors: capable of being stored in ambient temperature of 0 – 50 degree C and relative humidity of 15 - 90% The unit shall be capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 -40 degree C and relative humidity of 15-90%
  • CE and FDA Approved

How to apply

Interested companies are invited to apply for this tender and submit their quotations in two sealed and stamped envelops: One envelop for technical information and the other envelop for price information. 

Conditions for interested companies:

- Ability to enter the camp for delivery, installation, training and preventive maintenance.

- Warranty period: not less than 24 months from installation

- Preventive maintenance schedule to be set in advance

- Delivery Date: End of May 2019

Interested companies must deposit the envelops by person on the following address:

Tender box, accounting office, Human Call Buiding (Al-Nidaa Hospital), Upper Street, Ein El-Hilweh camp, Saida, Lebanon.

Deadline for submission is: 12pm, Thursday 28th of February 2019

Contact person: 

Mustafa Abou Atieh

Executive Director

Mobile+WhatsApp: 0096170115524


Thursday, 28. Feb 2019
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