Call For Applications - Small And Medium Enterptise (Sme) Support

Program overview:

The Alliance2015 Partnership, represented by lead agency ACTED, Cesvi, Concern and Hivos, is running a programme that aims to address root causes of conflict and instability in Lebanon, through the creation of sustainable income-generating and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable populations. Over three years, Alliance2015 partners will work directly with 1,800 individuals, 18 Social development Centers (SDCs) and at least 27 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across Lebanon. The integrated programme targets vulnerable communities with economic inclusion activities through three main pathways: (1) Building the capacity of SDCs leads to an improved delivery of livelihood-related services; (2) Improving the technical and soft skills of vulnerable individuals to ensure increased economic opportunity and reduce negative coping mechanisms and tensions and (3) Improving the capacity of the private sector leads to growth and job creation. Activities include providing livelihood-related resources, assets and renovations to each targeted SDC; offering TVET and soft skills training, paid apprenticeship programs and job-matching services to vulnerable individuals; and providing businesses development services and value chain support to MSMEs.

SME Support Program Description:

The programme will provide business development support (BDS) services to eligible businesses. The duration of support and type of support provided to each business will vary according to need and criteria determined by ACTED. ACTED particularly invited social enterprises to apply for this programme.

Hivos will select 8 Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME) and offer them a grant of up to U.S. $30,000.  To be considered an MSME in Lebanon, an enterprise must have between 1 and 100 employees, and an annual turnover that does not exceed L.B.P. 25 billion U.S. $16.75 million.

The project will also provide business development services and value chain support to the selected MSMEs over the course of three years. Activities will be implemented with one or more service providers, to include training, incubation or coaching to MSMEs. Other activities could include establishing linkages to existing Business development support (BDS) services and impact investments that increase and/or improve available employment opportunities.


To be eligible for the grant, the prospective MSME would at modicum possess, the following four criteria:

1.     Candidates must have an idea to improve or grow their business, with at least 12-to-24 months business plan.

2.     Candidate must show willingness to collaborate with the HIVOS team to grow their business and increase hiring.

3.     Candidates must provide evidence of relevant experience and expertise to implement proposed activities.

4.     Candidates must have a clear understanding of how the technical and/or financial support by HIVOS will assist in growing their business.


Preferred Sectors: The preferred sectors are Artisanal, Creative, Food Production, and Digital IT.

Areas. The desired areas of operation and/or registration for the company are, in no order of preference, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Eligible MSMEs by stage. The stages of eligible companies are four, listed below:

                 Stage 1.         Ideation and concept development

                 Stage 2.         Start up, committing and validating the idea

                 Stage 3.         Growth and Establishment

                 Stage 4.         Expansion

How to apply

Selection Process

The steps for selection are as follows:

Step 1.  Apply through Task A: 1st Questionnaire, pertaining to an overview of the business and the market.  (Find the link attached here)

Step 2.  Assess the applicants case by case.

Step 3.  Fill out Task B: 2nd questionnaire, detailing the strategies and financials.

Step 4.  15 MSMEs will be shortlisted based on the data provided.

Step 5. Fill out the Business Model Canvas; a template for developing new, or documenting existing, business models.

Step 6. HIVOS will conduct fields visits to the 15 companies. If the MSME is in its early start up stages (i.e. stages 1 or 2), the candidates will be called into the office for a “meet and greet” to go over the next steps and answer any questions they may have.

Step 7.The 15 candidates will then be invited to pitch their ideas to a jury.

Step 8.The Jury will assess the MSMEs based on the above data, business model, and pitch, combined. They will filter the companies whose goals best align with those of the project, and whose potential for achieving the goals are highest. 8 MSMEs will be selected, and their respective grants will be allocated. Candidates will have two days to accept the grant.

Step 9.First post-grant meeting: The 8 MSMEs will be invited to discuss their cost allocation and needs for coaching/mentorship/training. This will be fundamentally based on the information provided in the questionnaires and the information established in the field visits, in addition to the meeting.

Step 10.Second post-grant meeting: agree on the course of action related to the coaching/mentorship with the MSMEs, and the grant’s method of payment.

Note: The 8 MSMEs (winners) will be required to submit licenses, permits and registration prior to obtaining the grant. The 8 MSMEs will also be required to submit a proper quotation and proof of purchase if the grant goes towards equipment, and proof of payment if it goes towards miscellaneous costs (rent, fees, salaries…).

**Interested applicants may request further program details, as well as inquire into the terms and conditions of this call by sending an email to: [email protected]



Sunday, 30. Dec 2018
Type of Call
Funding Opportunity
Intervention Sector(s):
Training & Capacity Building