Objective of the EOI


This request for EOI is intended to help LED identify Lebanese business service providers who are interested in being included in a pool of pre-identified subcontractors who may be hired to engage in various consulting, training, and capacity-building activities for LED in the future. Being ‘pre-identified’ does not guarantee any provider LED business; rather it means that interested providers may become part of a short-list of firms who may be contacted and considered for future specific scopes of work (terms of reference) within the general technical parameters of the LED program.


Although providers for each scope of work will be contracted individually, this request for EOI will help LED to be aware of offeror skills and specializations, and it may enable LED to narrow the pool of competition to only pre-identified, eligible providers. It therefore allows LED to quickly issue RFPs to the relevant pre-identified firms to carry out necessary tasks for the project.

How to apply


Thursday, 10. Jan 2019
Type of Call
Call for Papers
Intervention Sector(s):
Agriculture, Business & Economic Policy, Development, Education, Health