Charity Mission

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A. Missions

1. Train young Christians in parishes and schools.

2. Help members of these groups become more familiar with the principles of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church.

3. Help members of these groups to live the principles of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church.

4. Provide members of these groups with sufficient psychological and pedagogical training to succeed in their missions.

5. Help members of these groups acquire a strong and radiant personality.

6. To make different missions with these groups in the parishes and the schools with the aim of spreading the teachings of Christ, and to found, where the opportunity arises, missionary teams that work in these parishes, schools or regions.

B. Ways and Means

To achieve its missions, the Movement operates on two levels, the first concerns the training of members and the second involves working with members to spread the Good News in the world.

The spiritual, religious and psychological training of young people who are dedicated to spreading the Good News in the world:

This is done through annual training which is given over a period of 4 or 5 days, and which includes an examination of the knowledge gained during this training. Candidates who have passed this exam will have a certificate. The topics discussed during this training are:

Spiritual theological topics such as the 10 Commandments, Christian Beliefs, Sin, Forgiveness, Belief in God, which are discussed in a dynamic way that urges members to analyze spiritual and theological truths.

Pedagogical psychological topics such as personality, conflict resolution, motivation, art of speech, project management.

Improving the creative, oratorical and acting abilities of members and help them get rid of their shyness.

Work with members to spread the Gospel around the world:

After their training, the members dedicate themselves to the service and to the apostolic and missionary work and especially:

Execute missions where there is need and according to the instructions of the parish priest (patients visit, evenings of prayer ...)

Day camps of 5 days with children from 5 to 14 years old.

Ensure a family life between members through meetings (once every 2 weeks) where they discuss theological, religious, cultural or social topics, or share in the Gospel.


Charity Mission is a local organization that started to operate since 2014 in Chad - Africa and since 2019 in Sweden - Europe.

Organisation Type: 
Local Civil Society Organisation
Founding Year: 
Country of Origin: 
Intervention Sector(s): 
Children & Youth
Religion, Belief & Ethics
Contact person's position: 
General Secretary
Contact person's email: 
Contact person's phone number: 
Mansourieh Main Road
Phone: 04533831
Mansourieh Main Road
Contact person's name: 
Catherina Medawar


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