The Peace First Challenge Program - Call for Participation

PEACE FIRST, in collaboration with Chabibeh Sporting Club , is offering young people in Lebanon aged between 13 and 25 the chance to take part in the “Peace First Challenge” program.  If you want to be a change agent in your community, the program offers you:

  • An opportunity to design your own solution to a problem that matters to you, and develop leadership and change making skills in the process
  • Tools, support, and funding to turn your idea into a project that have lasting impact in your community
  • A digital community of other young people and mentors who are committed to positive change, where you could share your ideas and stories with the world
  • A social-emotional learning and civic engagement experience that’s student-driven, real-life, and community-based
  • The chance to be part of the “Peace First Platform”, an always-on digital community where young people from around the world can access tools, mentoring, and financial support to develop projects that will change their community for the better

The  Peace First Challenge program: What is it?

The Peace First Challenge program takes young people on a journey to change their community through courage, compassion, and collaborative leadership. It occurs in five stages, each one marked by a touchpoint where young people submit information on the Peace First Challenge platform:

  1. Choose: Young people map out the strengths and challenges in their community and select an injustice to address.Touchpoint: A project page naming their chosen injustice on the Peace First site.
  2. Insight: Young people interview people with different perspectives to develop an insight into the injustice, its root causes, and its solutions.Touchpoint: An insight submitted on their project page.
  3. Plan: Young people develop specific goals and create a timeline and budget for their project. Touchpoint: A plan, including a request for up to $250 in mini-grant funding, submitted on their project page.
  4. Act: Young people bring project to life to make their community more peaceful. Touchpoint: Updates on their project page.
  5. Reflect: Young people study the impact their project has had on them as individuals, as a team, and on their community, telling their story on our platform. Touchpoint: A reflection submitted on their project page.

What will your participation look like?

  1. Filling the online link to apply ( deadline 14 Nov 2019
  2. Attending the information session on 18 November 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at “Chabibeh Sporting Club” in Chiah-Ain el Remmaneh and confirming your participation in the program
  3. Attending a 1 full training day on 30 November 2019 starting 9:30 a.m. at “Chabibeh Sporting Club” in Chiah-Ain el Remmaneh
  4. Taking part in the direct and online follow up and support provided by Peace First

How to apply

To apply, fill the application on the following link:

Deadline: 14 November 2019

Thursday, 14. Nov 2019
Type of Call
Call for Participation
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Citizenship, Development, Peace & Security, Training & Capacity Building