ARK is looking to buy two portable pumps of 7 to 10 bars of force.

Please specify your specs as per the below list: 

1- Flow rate:

2- Horsepower:

3- Brand:

4- Model:

5- Engine displacement (How many CCs):

6- Engine speed (In RPMs):

7- Intake (In inches):

8- Discharge (In Inches):

9- Max intake lift:

10- Max discharge distance: 

11- Total dynamic head (In meters)

12- Max Pressure: 

13- Impeller Material:

14- Volute Material:

15- Housing Material:

16- Unit price including delivery and VAT:

17- Number of days required for delivery: 

How to apply

Please send your signed offers to


Wednesday, 12. Dec 2018
Type of Call
Call for proposals
Intervention Sector(s):