ARK aims to increase young people’s ability to engage constructively with elected officials and develop realistic accountability mechanisms. The focus will be on educating young people on key governance issues and their roles as active citizens and working with them to develop opportunities to engage directly with public officials.

  1. Deliverables.


  1. Boot Camp:

The Boot Camps will be hands-on workshops and structured sessions that bring together up to 20 young people per Boot Camp providing them with skills training and a series of interactive sessions, including simulation for round tables with local municipalities and townhalls with MPs, that will achieve four main aims:

  1. Educate them on the roles and responsibilities of both citizens and governance actors (MP and Municipality role);
  2. Work with them to identify critical local level issues that should be addressed by governance actors and select one key issue to address through lobbying and advocacy;
  3. Explore different strategies for constructive engagement with officials to raise these issues, based on lessons learnt and best international practice, and finally;
  4. Work with elected officials to identify mechanisms for sustainable engagement.

Provide trainings and structured sessions to increase beneficiary understanding of the need for increased political participation and mechanisms to do this effectively. Expert-led trainings should allow young people to better understand the needs of their communities, and how to engage with local actors through an interest based, rather than a confrontational, approach.

Key deliverables on the boot camp:

  • Design and submit training material.
  • Submit training agenda.
  • Deliver the training as per the material agreed with ARK Project Manager.
  • Submit adequate reports detailing the training course, findings and recommendations.
  • Support youth teams to identify and priorities critical local level issues.
  • Conduct pre and post tests for every boot camp to monitor beneficiaries’ existing knowledge and the ability of the selected Good Governance experts to effectively impart knowledge and share skills.
  • Provide a toolkit that provides youths with a roadmap for political participation.
  • Design exercises to map out young peoples’ concerns with political and civic engagement at three levels comprising; (1) the personal level; (2) the local level; (3) the national level.
  • All course materials and toolkits and any other material produced by the trainer will be made available publicly online to enable beneficiaries to review and revise these, as well as enabling project beneficiaries to share these with peers and to allow other interested youth around the country to engage with the project.
  • Support in content development for the online material.


  1. Milestones and Payment Schedule.


3 days boot camp



One report


3 days boot camp


One report


3 days boot camp


One report


One final report


The above deliverables are expected to require 15 working days. All the activities are expected to take place between 1 Jan 2019 and end of March 2019.

  1. Requirements and Qualifications.


  • A bachelor’s degree in social sciences or equivalent from an accredited university.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in similar roles with a proven track record of work conducted on good governance issues.
  • Excellent written and oral Arabic and English skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills  

How to apply

Please send your quotes to

Quotes should include: 


-Cover letter


-A sample of similar work conducted.

-Final daily price inclusive of all expenses.

-Final total cost.

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