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The Logistics Officer Supply is responsible to process all the procurement related to the base. He/she will also oversee the warehouse management and support the distributions for the requesting departments


Objective 1: Ensure the smooth running of the supply chain (planning, order, purchase, storage and deliveries) (30%)


Responsible for


Supervision of the program procurement process


Enforcement of ACF and donor Logistics guidelines in all logistics procedures


Obtaining necessary data for Project Procurement Plans and project proposals


Establish framework contracts with appropriate suppliers according to the Kit Log V3.6 guidelines and under the supervision of the Log Manager




Support Base Logistics Manager in preparing PPP and Supply Plans for Base


Monitoring and updating the Supply Plans


Organize the procurement planning with the Base Logistics Manager and Programs


Anticipate the different markets and procedures to be respected according to ACF procedures as well for donors


Identify all Framework Agreements that needs to be produced at Base Level to ease purchases and reactivity


Make sure ACF logistical procedures are respected and supervise both clients and suppliers in the application of these procedures


Controlling deliveries to bases and programs in terms of quantity and quality


Informing the Admin of the forecasted expenses


Ensure payments are submitted in timely manner to Finance


Follow-up with Finance for payment release


Ensure that PFU, SFU, Stock Reports, CFU are relevant


Conduct market and supplier survey on regular basis. Where necessary support program managers in program related market assessments


Ensure suppliers database is updated

Objective 2: Procurement (20%)


Responsible for


Drawing up a planning of the monthly purchases according to supply plans


Responsible to ensure ACF purchases in the best period, at the best price, in the required quality




Drawing up a planning of the monthly purchases according to supply plans


Review and validate the information filled in PRs (specification, delivery times, prices…), Cross-check the items on PR with stock availability before starting the procurement and provide feedback or request modifications if necessary


Manage negotiated procurement and prepare all relevant documentation (preparing RFQ, collection of quotations, negotiation with suppliers, preparation of Assessment tables,

agreement forms, SPO, contracts, etc)


Provide support to Base Log Manager during the preparation of tenders


Follow up contracts’ implementation


Ensure compliance to the contract by Action Against Hunger and Contractor/ Supplier

Objective 3: Stock management (15%)


Responsible for


Guaranteeing that the procedures and instructions of stock management are followed


Ensuring regular inventory of the stock (monthly and randomly)


Ensuring that the stores are hygienic, clean and ventilated


Drawing up a monthly inventory


Ensuring that the deliveries are done according to the request




Ensure that all goods are stored and packed safely and securely


Ensure that the physical organization of items within warehouses is logical, optimizing space and preserving accessibility of items


Ensure that the warehouse is in optimal conditions (cleaning and maintenance)


Check the accuracy and filing of all storage documents


Check the registration of each item going in and out in the respect of ACF procedures and FIFO LIFO guidelines


Ensure physical inventories are done on a regular basis and crosscheck the physical inventories reports done by the Warehouse Officer


Update and consolidate the global stock report, by computer (all stock reports in a report)


Perform regular random checks across the various documents (PR, invoices, stock cards, delivery notes, physical inventory reports, …)


Review the SFU and coordinate with the programs regarding expiry dates and timely disposal.

Objective 4: Team management (15%)


Responsible for


Develop work plan in collaboration with the Base Logistics Manager


Control the planning of the Supply logistics team at base level


Delegate the activities and check that they are properly executed


Organize training sessions


Carry out appraisal interviews




Develop monthly and weekly work plans in collaboration with the Base Logistics Manager


Managing planning operations, task sharing and coordination of work


Monitor the work of the team to ensure good performance


Organizing and leading team meetings


Taking part in the recruitment of his/her teams


Providing for evaluation interviews for team members


Providing technical support to the teams


Identify training needs


Build the capacity of the team


Ensure the respect of HR rules and policies


Managing difficulties in the team

Objective 5: Reporting & Coordination (15%)


Responsible for


Providing reports on monthly basis and upon request


Ensuring proper achieving of supply chain documentations


Ensuring there is communication between supply team and programs




Participate in weekly procurement meetings with Programs and/ or Base Admin to

coordinate future needs, provide update regarding supply and prepare procurement

planning accordingly


Provide a regular reporting on operational logistics activities to the Base Log Manager

(weekly Sit-rep, Monthly Log Reports – PFU, SFU, CFU, Stock Report)


Share the PFU, SFU with Base Log Manager and Program Managers on a weekly basis


Make sure all the supply chain documentation (PD, PR, SRO, DN, etc.) is scanned and archived in soft copy (on the NAS) and in hard copy in the archiving room


Monitor the scanning of the documentation and the proper archiving on the NAS/NHF and in the cabinets on a regular basis


Provide purchase dossier for any audit purpose


Deliver Hard copies of the Purchase Dossiers to the capital on monthly basis if required

Objective 6: Other Miscellaneous Responsibilities (5%)




Respect of ACF Charter and internal rules


Respect ACF Security Policies


Be committed to participate to any other work in order to achieve the project goal


Promote gender equality within the humanitarian and/or development work


Any other work duties assigned by Base Logistic Manager within scope of logistic issues






  • Kitlogv3
  • Internal Regulations
  • Action Against Hunger Code of Conduct including Principles
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Security plan
  • Confidentiality agreement
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09 Jul, 2020
Intervention Sector(s):
Business & Economic Policy, Relief Services
Application Deadline:
Friday, 24 July 2020
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment:
12 Months
as per AAH's salary scale
Salary Range:
1200 to 1500 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
University degree preferred on Business Administration, Logistics, Industrial Engineering or related
Experience Requirements:
2 to 3 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon