Compliance Officer (Lebanese Nationals Only)

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Application Submissions Guideline: 

Applications should include a detailed CV with at least two References. Please send your CV, in English, writing in the subject the reference "Compliance Officer" to the following e-mail address: The deadline for submission is March 30, 2019. Any CV submitted without reference to the position will be disregarded.

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Under the supervision of the Compliance Manager, the Compliance officer is responsible for supporting the compliance department and internal audit in its missions (FLAT’s supervision, compliance and accountability and of reporting); and any other activity as required. 

Support the whole FLAT (Finance, Logistics, Administration & HR) process:

  • Compile and file all project related financial, logistics, administrative, and programme information in the designated project Compliance folder. During this time the FLAT Compliance Officer should ensure that all Compliance folders are duplicated (photocopied) regularly with any arrival of a new document;
  • Follow-up of the Compliance process at base level by ensuring the regular transfer of the project(s) Compliance documentation to the capital office;
  • Follow-up of the Compliance process at Implementing Partner level by ensuring the regular transfer of the project(s) Compliance documentation to ACTED’s capital office;
  • Ensure the centralization of all Compliance folders at the Capital office;
  • Facilitate the country Compliance review and ensure the accurate documentation of costs/expenses allocations within the documentation;
  • Submit the completed Compliance folder to the Country Director for his/her review and approval.
  • The check lists should be checked and signed by the Country Director at the end of the project.
  • Submit the completed Compliance folder (final and signed version) to Regional Office once the
  • Compliance review process has been completed and ensured that the duplicate Compliance folder is securely archived.


 Support ACTED’s compliance and accountability:

  • Provide timely supplementary quality control of the Compliance documentation by checking the accuracy and consistency of the information between the related documents and report discrepancies immediately to the department concerned for corrective action;
  • Facilitate and report compliance of all audit recommendations/action plans under the authority of the Country Director and provide accurate feedback immediately;
  • Conduct a monthly market-price survey of the materials/services identified the current country market basket (frequently procured items/services). The data gathered should then be tabulated against the actual prices paid by ACTED in the transactions incurred during that month. The actual pricing should be retrieved from the contracts or payment vouchers filed in the Compliance folders.

The FLAT Compliance Officer should ensure that he/she can provide evidence of the source of the market information and then accurately demonstrates the correlation by a reference to the specific transaction (payment voucher references). This table will be part of the Monthly Compliance Report annexes;

  • Comply with the Audit Department Code of conduct.



  • Prepare a Monthly Compliance Report giving as much detail as possible for all existing projects that are ongoing and completed but are yet to be reviewed and submitted to the Regional Office.
  • The Compliance report is both a narrative report and includes annexes with specific analytical information and should be submitted to both the country director, the regional audit team and the HQ audit team;
  • Facilitate the preparation for country external audits and regularly update the Country Director, the Regional Audit Manager and the Audit Manager of the progress through the relevant follow-up memo;
  • Report the updates of the Compliance situation for all projects during the country compliance meetings.
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13 Mar, 2019
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Application Deadline:
Saturday, 30 March 2019
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment
Job Location
Working Area
Salary Range:
1200 to 1500 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
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Experience Requirements:
2 to 3 years
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