ACTED is implementing a program through funding from the European Union for the implementation of the project entitled “Ta’cir - Towards an active participation of civil society in the reform process”. The project duration is 35 months - from 1 February 2017 to 30 January 2020, and will be implemented in partnership with 50 CSOs and 50 Local Authorities in Akkar, Tripoli (North), Tyre, Saida, Nabatieh (South), Beirut, Baabda and Metn (Mount Lebanon) in Lebanon.

As part of the EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society and in partnership with Lebanon Support, Akkarouna and SHEILD, this project aims at strengthening the role and contribution of civil society in Lebanon at both policy and local development levels

Eligible activities / proposals under this financial support are activities that meet the priority needs listed in the “Municipal Overview and Sector Priorities” documents developed for each of the targeted areas. The sectors of intervention are health, education and environment. The specific areas of intervention are 10 in the North, Akkar, South, Nabatieh, and Mount Lebanon as follows:

Akkar: Bebnin, Kherbet Char

Tripoli (North): Wadi el Nahle

Tyre: Kleile

Saida: Baysaryeh, Abra, Anqoun

Nabatieh: kfarroman, Habbouch

Baabda: Furn el Chebbak

Only CSO working in these specific municipalities and with the capacity to address priorities mentioned in the “Municipal Overview and Sector Priorities” will be supported under the grant

How to apply

Applicants have to fill this request for proposal form in English or Arabic and submit it, along with supporting documentation, by email to with the email title “NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION – Ta’cir Project – PROPOSED AREA” or in person (in a sealed envelope with a label title “NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION – Ta’cir Project – PROPOSED AREA”) to ACTED representative office in 8th floor, Eshmoun Bldg, Damascus Road, Sodeco, Ashrafieh, Beirut Beirut or to AKKAROUNA representative office in Minyara-Halba Main Road, Youssef Salloum Building, 2nd floor (facing Minyara Bakery – side road after the car agency located - after BLF bank directly), or to SHEILD representative office in South Lebanon, Tyr City, parallel to Abo Dib street, Salim Diab building, by April 1, 2019 at 5:00pm. Selected initiatives will be contacted within one month of the submission of their proposal.



Monday, 01. Apr 2019
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Call for proposals
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