Under H2ALL, GVC is hereby soliciting the expert services of an individual, team, or organization as a Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Management Expert, hereafter referred to as the “Service Provider”, to support its capacity building of the South Lebanon, North Lebanon, and Bekaa Water Establishments (SL/NL/BWE). Focusing on the pilot localities mentioned in the tender dossier, the service provider is expected to meet the below objectives between before October 31st 2020, supported (Nationally) by GVC’s Capacity Building Coordinator and at each WE by a seconded engineer/specialist.


The overall objective of the service is to support the Water Establishments (WEs) in achieving sustainable Non-Revenue Water management in the pilot water schemes* (target value <30%, baseline estimated at 70%) by improving their in-house surveying and analysis capacity. In order to meet this objective, the non-exhaustive areas of focus for this consultancy are:

  1. Reverse Mapping & Data
  2. Hydraulic Modelling & Operation
  3. Water Accounting
  4. Workforce Digitizing

*Localities: Nabi Osmane, Moqraq-Toufiqiye, Zabboud-Bejjeje, Nasrieh, Riyaq, Fouar, Majdlaya, Bint Jbeil and the corresponding WE sections of Labwe, Riyaq, Tripoli, and Bint Jbeil

To qualify you will have: Proven expertise in hydraulic modelling, water accounting, and/or water utility management.

The Service Provision is open to Individuals, teams, or organizations –who have proven experience in conducting similar consultancies, proven experience in a similar context (WANA region) and Arabic proficiency.

Important Note: international service providers are required to have or get all legal and administrative documents to have the right to work in Lebanon.

How to apply

The tender dossier is available only via the email address at [email protected]. Subject of the mail shall contain the tender reference: (GVC/LEB/H2ALL/2020/IOT02)

Tender procedure is comprehensively explained in the dossier.

Eligible bidders must submit the tender dossier with annexes by required deadline, the dossier is available only via the email address  [email protected] from the 22nd of May until the 5th June 2020

The deadline for submission is the 19th of June 2020, at 13:00 (Beirut Time). Additional information or clarifications/questions shall be published on GVC website. Please email or call + 961 7011 2419 if you need further clarifications.

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