Consultant for Pilot Assessment of Municipalities in the Bekaa

About the project:

International Alert is implementing a dialogue project in the Bekaa to support local dialogue networks with capacity development and accompaniment on conflict analysis and sensitivity. The role of such dialogue networks and platforms is to bring different community, CSO and authorities together and support the municipality and other providers to ensure conflict and gender sensitive approaches to delivery of services.
Municipalities play a central role in providing services, coordinating services and interventions at a municipality level and in preventing inter-community tensions. International Alert aims to support the the Dialogue Network to further assess and examine this need and will include undertaking consultations and capacity assessment with two pilot municipalities in the Bekaa between May and June 2020. The assessment will be carried out by the Dialogue Network members with Alert backstopping and support (assessment design, analysis etc.).

Objectives of the assessment:

The overall objective of the consultancy is to collect primary data and perform initial data analysis that will inform Dialogue Network’s advocacy priorities, engagement with municipalities and role in addressing tensions going forward and the subsequent phase of this project following June 2020, which would include the development of a tailored toolkit that can be used by municipalities to improve their conflict- and gender-sensitive provision of services, as well as a coaching and accompaniment plan for increased capacity of those municipalities to engage with local community in the provision of conflict- and gender-sensitive sensitive services.
The role of the consultant is to work with International Alert to support the Dialogue Network with additional data collection, analysis and report writing.

Data collection activities:
• A desk mapping of services and service providers and review on existing literature related to good practice, barriers and opportunities for conflict- and gender-sensitive approaches to provision of services by municipalities and other services providers in the identificated two pilot municipalities.
• A series of consultations, meetings and interviews (conducted by Dialogue Network and supported by Alert) with representatives of the two municipalities, community leaders/members, and CSOs and INGOs working with the identified municipalities on service delivery.
• Report write-up (approx. 20-25 pages including 1) context 2) aims and objectives 3) methodology 4) findings and analysis 5) conclusions and recommendations
• Validation meetings (online as necessary) with representatives of the identified municipalities to discuss findings, as well as recommendations and entry points for support needed.

Deliverables and anticipated workplan:

The Consultant will work closely with International Alert’s team. Alert will provide the consultant with the assessment methodology and advise on tools. The Consultant will be responsible for tool testing, data collection and report writing, following an agreed structure.
Task 1: Desk Review on conflict and gender sensitive approaches to provision of services for municipalities
Time: April and May 2020
Lead: International Alert

Task 2: Identification of FGD and KII participants
Time: May 11 – 15, 2020
Lead: International Alert and Dialogue Network

Task 3: Development of assessment tools
Time: May 18 – 29, 2020
Lead: International Alert

Task 4: Tool testing and data collection
Time: June 1 – 19, 2020
Lead: Consultant
Support from: Project Manager, DMEL Manager, Field Coordinator and Dialogue Network members.

Task 5: Data analysis and final report
Time: June 22 – 26, 2020
Lead: Consultant

Consultant profile:

• University degree in social sciences or relevant fields
• At least three years of experience in interviewing vulnerable populations, familiar with standards of ethical conduct in research settings
• Strong inter-personal communication skills, including proven ability to communicate culturally sensitive and gender sensitive ways
• Excellent skills in research and data collection, including remote data collection, in Lebanon
• Excellent spoken Arabic skills, and excellent writing skills in English
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
• Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive information with discretion and professionalism, including following data protection guidelines and establishing and observing systems for managing data safely and securely
• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
• Prior experience in context analysis, peacebuilding and conflict analysis in Lebanon is essential and experience with gender sensitivity analysis a strong plus

Experience required: At least three years of experience in interviewing vulnerable populations, with familiarity for standards of ethical conduct in research settings
Education degree: Bachelor’s degree
Experience required: 3 to 5 years
Education degree: Bachelor’s degree
Field of education: University degree in social sciences or related
Languages - Arabic: Excellent English: Excellent
Period: A maximum of 10 full working days to be completed in May and June 2020.
Compensation: Competitive price offers

How to apply

Interested individuals should submit the following documents to [email protected]
- An expression of interest highlighting the Consultant’s experience with similar assignments, description of his/her plans to deliver the service, and a proposed timeline
- A CV of not more than 4 pages
- A Financial proposal, including daily and transportation fees

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