HR Consultant - Specializing in LGBTI inclusivity in the workplace

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Applications should include a detailed CV with at least two References, and a detailed pricing quotation. Please send your CV, in English, writing in the subject the reference " HR Consultant - Specializing in LGBTI inclusivity in the workplace" to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. The deadline for submission is June19, 2020. Any CV submitted without reference and price quotation  will be disregarded.

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ACTED works closely with local authorities and civil society stakeholders at the com­munity level to implement priori­ty humanitarian interventions such as emergency multi-purpose cash assis­tance, WASH projects (including disease monitoring and infrastructural and behavioural response), and Shelter interven­tions incorporating multiple modalities. ACTED is also implementing long-term development projects to rehabilitate infrastructure, improv­e agricultural production, increase livelihood opportunities and support state and non-state ac­tors to improve service deliv­ery and social stability through col­lective development planning.



ACTED, in partnership with SIDC, is implementing a project with the general objective of “Enhancing the inclusivity of the LGBTI community in workplaces in Lebanon”, funded by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), to address the discrimination and social stigma that fuel the exclusion of the LGBTI community members and produces barriers to accessing markets, services and public spaces.


This project targets primarily the LGBTI community in Lebanon, and secondly the private sector employers and HR managers through three main objectives: 1) To improve workplaces by making them more inclusive and responsive to the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the LGBTI community in Lebanon; 2) To empower the LGBTI community to seek and maintain employment based on their personal preferences and professional goals and 3) To facilitate change and challenge social norms, perceived roles of individuals and prejudices that exist in societies leading to stigma, discrimination and human rights violations of LGBTI at the workplace.


ACTED is seeking an experienced HR Consultant, to conduct a situational analysis of the barriers to access employment for LGBTI individuals and develop appropriate tools to help employers carry forward the mission of building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.



  • Analyze the current situation in Lebanon in terms of access to employment for LGBTI individuals through desk research and FGDs with individuals from the LGBTI community and employers.
  • Identify the structural, cultural, social and legal barriers (focus on transgender individuals) to access employment for LGBTI individuals.
  • Suggest ways to improve diversity and inclusion markers in the workplace in Lebanon across a variety of sectors.
  • Provide a practical implementation plan for employers.


Expected Results:

  • Evaluate the employability of LGBTI individuals in Lebanon today.
  • Evaluate the employers’ willingness to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Identify employers willing to self-assess their workplace and participate to a training on inclusivity.
  • Develop practical strategies and relevant tools to be implemented by employers to create an LGBTI-friendly work environment and work culture.


  • Develop an employee generated scorecard with a set of 5-8 performance indicators (e.g. level of openness towards LGBTI, or level of stigma and discrimination shown) identified through focus group discussions of employees, based on which, measurable or observable performance indicators will be developed.
  • Develop a self-evaluation scorecard for employers with a specific set of indicators that can be easily comparable to the indicators developed for the employees, through similar discussions with the management/coordination bodies of targeted employers and businesses.
  • Submit an analysis paper following the completion of the situational analysis (maximum 8 pages, excluding annexes)
  • Develop a practical toolkit including, but not limited to, a sample inclusion policy, a sample inclusion plan, sample inclusion statements (communication and recruitment procedures), a sample adaption of an HR code of conduct, minimum standards, monitoring tools, etc.
  • Draft a recommendations paper (1-2 pages)
  • Submit a final report (maximum of 20 pages, excluding the annexes).

The HR consultant will be expected to update all the documents within ten days of receiving ACTED’s comments (if any).


  • Conduct Focus Group Discussions with LGBTI individuals (with the support of SIDC) and employers representing at least 4-6 different sectors.
  • Pilot scorecards and toolkit with 5 private sector companies working in different sectors.
  • Review scorecards and toolkit and submit final versions based on the pilot.
  • Facilitate a one-day training for 40 employers on building an inclusive and supportive work environment at the workplace.



The consultancy should be completed over a period of eight months, between June 2020 and January 2021. The Consultant will be expected at specific dates to work full-time on the project and be located in ACTED office in Beirut. The dates will be decided based on the availability of the Consultant and ACTED Livelihood Project Manager.


Required competencies:

  • Master’s degree in HR, sociology or psychology preferred, but acceptable from marketing, social work, human rights or related field.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in HR, inclusion and behavioural change or psychology
  • Previous experience in developing scorecards and toolkits
  • Experience in diversity and inclusion policy design or implementation
  • LGBTI friendly and positive attitude is essential
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Proficiency with data analysis and reporting skills
  • Excellent Arabic and English skills, both written and oral


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