Training on needs and communication for Older men and women

As part of the capacity-building component, 1-day training on the needs of older people particularly in a humanitarian context is to be granted to health staff and social workers at Amel Association International, Imam Sadr Foundation and Makassed Foundation.



By the end of the training, participants will be able to: 

  1. Identify needs and vulnerabilities of older people in humanitarian settings
  2. Describe ways to address the identified needs
  3. Describe  the  importance  of  actively  engaging  older  people  in  the  community  social development
  4. Apply tools for integration of older adults needs in the humanitarian response in both refugee and host communities
  5. Be able to build the capacity of other staff in the centres about older people needs



The training team will be working closely with the HelpAge International team in Lebanon to successfully deliver a 1-day training in March 2020. The training sessions will be highly participatory and interactive using various training techniques such as brainstorming, interactive exercises, group discussions, role play, and others in addition to presentations.



Key Deliverables


  1. Detailed agenda for the training (Arabic/English)
  2. Training material including presentations, handouts and material used(Arabic/English)
  3. Pre-post questionnaires (Arabic)
  4. Training evaluation form (Arabic)
  5. Training report including content, methods used, analysis of the pre-post questionnaires, evaluation of the training, general observation about the overall training and recommendations (English)


Required Skills and Competencies

  • PHD, Master’s degree in Public health, health sciences, geriatrics or related field
  • Experience in conducting trainings related to old age and humanitarian crisis
  • Experience in conducting training of trainers
  • Experience in working with NGOs/INGOs particularly in training
  • Experience in conducting training and workshops at a regional level - Fluency in both written and spoken English and Arabic

How to apply

The trainer is requested to send an offer including a CV, training outline, methods to be used, and fees by the 27th of February 2020 to [email protected]

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