Consultancy for Project External Evaluation


  1. Scope and Deliverables


The evaluation is commissioned to arrive at an objective assessment of successes, failures and missed opportunities as well as a focused set of recommendations and lessons that will enhance subsequent phases of support to the initiative and other similar initiatives in the fields of Education and Child Protection. The evaluation will be based on the OECD-DAC criteria (relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability) as well as on the standards of DeGEval.

The evaluation will be carried out according to the donor’s terms of reference template, including a brief description of the initiative; objectives and scope; evaluation questions; methodology; stakeholder involvement; roles and responsibilities; evaluation process; deliverables, audience and dissemination; and consultant requirement and level of effort.

The external evaluation will assess the extent to which the initiative achieved its intended objectives during the project phase (Sept 2018 – till date), the extent to which the project’s design is contributing to intended outcomes and on recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the similar initiatives going forward.

The consultants will prepare the deliverables that will operationalize the Terms of Reference as follows:

  • Evaluation Inception Report (less than 10 pages not including the evaluation matrix and other annexes); The inception report will address the following elements: expectations of the evaluation; roles and responsibilities within the evaluation consulting team; any refinements and elaboration to evaluation questions; methods qualitative data collection and case study, including possible constraints; outline of the final evaluation report and an evaluation matrix linking questions methods data sources and indicators.
  • End of Fieldwork – initial findings meetings with relevant TDH IT and local staff of the local CBOs involved
  • Findings Meeting
  • Draft and final evaluation reports, that describe the evaluation methodology (briefly), findings, recommendations and lessons.  The final evaluation report will be written in English and in accordance with donor standards and M&E Policy, not to exceed 35 pages (excluding annexes), with a two-page executive summary

The main activities and evaluation timetable for this consultancy is set out below:

Evaluation Process                                                                                             Deadline                        Responsibility

Consultant contracting,                                                                                     24/02/2020                         TDH IT            

Evaluation work-plan and Inception report,                                                   02/03/2020                        Consultant

Completion of documentary review / interviews / case studies,               26/03/2020                         Consultant

Draft report submission for comment by TDH IT,                                        09/04/2020                         Consultant

Final report                                                                                                          23/04/2020                          Consultant



How to apply

  • Please include the profile/CV of the Firm, detailing the relevant experience in project evaluation initiatives in Lebanon and send it t the following email: [email protected] incuding the recruitment code in the subject of your email: TDHIT-TYR-EE001
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills in English are required
  • Familiarity with the thematic of education, child protection 
  • Familiarity and previous experience with Palestinian camps context in Lebanon. Ability to move independently among Palestinian Camps.

Previous evaluation of BMZ / JIZ / Embassy of Germany-funded projects will be considered an asset.


Expected consultancy fee:

Max. 15,000 USD

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