Project Synopsis

This project is funded by the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) for the purpose of strengthening the relationship between existing civil society organizations and elected officials to increase government accountability and impact reform on gender related issues.

Project Objective

The project's overall objective is to promote universal parental leave and progressive childcare policies among Lebanese working parents as an entry point to achieving greater gender equality in Lebanon

This request for proposal responds to the first objective of the project, formulated as follows: Improved foundation for an enabling legal environment that promotes gender equality in parental leave policies.

Scope of Required Services

The consultant is required to complete the following tasks and services:

- Draft a policy brief that addresses the issue of universal parental leave in the Lebanese Law, covering a summary of the current situation, recommendations of relevant stakeholders, policy options, recommendations and implications, case studies and international success stories.

How to apply

Applicants to this request for proposals may be:

  •  Individuals;
  •  Group of individuals.

All bidders must ensure that at the time of the submission of their proposal they are not bankrupt, suspended, debarred, sanctioned, and/or subject to legal proceedings that may affect their course of business or their insolvency. Offerors/bidders with proven conflict of interest will be disqualified.

Individual applicants (if individual application is allowed) must clearly indicate their Ministry of Finance (MOF) Tax ID number and provide a copy of their registration at the MOF, specify their full street address, phone number and submit a copy of their ID. Firms must present a copy of their commercial registration, commercial circular and VAT certificate as applicable.

Other documents are required:

  • Most updated CV
  • Financial offer in Lebanese pound in PDF format duly signed, dated and stamped by the service provider, with detailed cost breakdown per deliverable.
  • Filled-in biodata sheet

Required Qualifications

LAU is looking for qualified eligible applicants who demonstrate the following experience:

- Masters degree in relevant field of study (law, legal studies, gender studies, labor…) with proven track records of projects/reports/consultancies.

- At least 8 years of experience working on legal and gender issues

- Demonstrated experience in developing and writing policy papers / policy briefs

- Demonstrated experience in research and data collection methods

- Proven proficiency in spoken and written English and Arabic

- Experience working with US funded projects is desirable

- Excellent communication and editorial skills

- Understanding of the Lebanese legal framework and gender context is essential

Proposal Requirements, Submission & Language

The offeror is expected to present two proposals separately, a technical one, and a distinct financial one (each proposal through its separate submission). The technical proposal must not contain any budgetary or financial information. The financial proposal must be put on official letterhead of the offeror and duly signed and stamped. The financial proposal must include all information confirming the eligibility of the offeror including the Ministry of Finance Tax Number, VAT Number, registration number and date and any other documents listed under B3 as applicable. The financial proposal must clearly show costs distinctly and clearly related to Taxes, VAT, overheads, etc.

Only one offer may be submitted by a single offeror.

All proposals must be developed in English unless otherwise clearly specified under particular sections.

All questions must be received by 18 March 2020 at 2:00 PM. Questions sent after the deadline will not be addressed. Answers will be sent by 19 March 2020

The proposals must be sent electronically to [email protected] by email as per attached instructions.

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