Programme Background

The project aims to continue to increase the resilience of young women and men in 6 “hotspot” areas at risk of violent extremism (that is areas where significant recruitment to violent extremism has occurred) in Tripoli city and its neighbourhoods including the Beddawi Palestinian camps.

With increased resilience the young women and men aged between 13 and 25 will be able to identify, explore and create positive opportunities. More focus this year will be given to strengthen their relationship with the different key stakeholders including security forces within their community and among other communities with whom they are in conflict, which will enable them to contribute to the social, political and economic development of their community and to take different choices in their life.

Consultancy Purpose

The purpose of the consultancy is to build the capacity of IRT project focal points in Tripoli on how to ensure a “do no harm” approach and learning how to integrate conflict sensitivity into the project cycle and work processes.
The consultant will be expected to work up to a maximum of 03 days for the duration of the contract.


In order to reach the objectives of this action the service provider is supposed to meet the below: 

o    Design the training approach and methodology 
o    Prepare training materials and tools for the conflict sensitivity and do no harm approach 
o    Deliver two days training on conflict sensitivity and do no harm approach with concrete examples and case studies
o    Elaborate and submit a training report highlighting the content of the training, satisfaction of participants, improved knowledge including all the recommendations challenges and gaps



The location will be agreed by both parties. 

The consultant will work from their own premises and using their own equipment and facilities and will visit the British Council only for meetings.

The Consultant:
•    will be responsible of his/her declaration, submission and payment of personal income tax if they are registered at the MOF, otherwise will be susceptible to a tax deduction of 7.5% 


The assignment will be carried out under the overall guidance of British Council in Lebanon based in Beirut. The consultant will report to the IRT 2 project manager 

The British Council will own the intellectual property rights of all materials produced during the consultancy.
Expression of Interest must expressly accept the British Council’s minimum Terms and Conditions. If you have any reservations these must be stated at the time of submitting the proposal.


Policies and protocols 

All Consultants will be required to follow British Council policies, as outlined online at 

Payment details

The payment will be processed by an estimate of 30 days after the approval on the supporting documents in addition to the quality of the delivered work (payment details will be highlighted in the contract)  

How to apply

Please submit your proposal according to the following structure:

a.    Section 1: Cover page (supporting statement (max 750 words) demonstrating how you meet the requirements for this role)
b.    Section 2: Evidence of similar type of work done
c.    Section 3: Costs (all-inclusive daily rate, exclusive of tax) 
d.    Section 4: CV 

This invitation for expression of interest is not an offer or guarantee of award of business. All costs incurred in the preparation of the bid are the bidder’s responsibility.

All materials must be submitted in English 

Your proposal should be submitted by Tuesday 26 November 2019 by email to the following:
Email:    [email protected] and [email protected] 
Copying: [email protected] 

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