1029189 WVL I Call for Tender I Decommissioning of Wooden Latrines & Septic pits.

World Vision is seeking interested contractors experienced in demolition works, in order to remove and backfill existing latrines in informal settlements.


Project Title:


The project concept is to demolish existing concrete slabs, dismantlement of existing wooden latrines and backfill any holes remaining in order to provide a safer more hygienic living space for refugees in areas prone to floods.


Below are the Project objectives:

  1. Concrete Demolition:

Demolition of concrete slabs shall be done by mechanical jackhammer or by hard labor using sludge hammers.

Works shall include provision of electricity for electric equipment as well as sawing any steel or wooden obstacle affecting the designated works.

  1. Wooden Structure Dismantlement:

Removal of wooden latrines shall be done by mechanical excavator or by hard labor.

Works shall include removing of wooden frame, plastic sheets and any attached material on the superstructure of the latrine.

  1. Provision of Base Coarse and Backfilling:

Supplied base coarse material shall contain aggregate size range from 0 to 7mm in diameter

Backfilling shall be direct from supply truck to designated holes if possible. When supply trucks are unable to reach the designated holes, the backfill material shall be emptied outside the tented settlement and delivered by hard labor and wagons to the hole

How to apply

Interested suppliers are to contact World Vision Procurement Department for more info about the ONLINE tender process Submission of offers will be only via online System.

@ 04-401 980/1 Ext: 1087/1086/1082 before Friday 18th of October 2019.


15 October 2019: Cut-off date for receipt of any questions regarding the tender. Questions should be sent via email to [email protected].


18 October 2019 (8:00 PM):

DEADLINE for submission of bid and all related documents (Administrative, Technical, Financial) online (by 8:00 PM at the latest).

Any bids received after the DEADLINE will be rejected.

For any clarifications, kindly contact the World Vision Lebanon Procurement Department on 04-401980 ext 1087/1086/1082

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