Open Local Bidding Publication / LB-DEL-0002 / Stationary and Office Supplies.

Open Local Bidding Publication / LB-DEL-0002 / Stationary and Office Supplies.

Contracting Authority: in the framework of its work on the Lebanese Territory, Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon (TDH IT) has received grants from its donors UNICEF, OCHA, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Cooperation and other private/Institutional donors, for the implementation of several humanitarian actions and intends to apply a portion of these grants to payments under a Framework agreement for the provision of Stationary and Office Supplies.

Object of the Agreement: it is the intention of TDH IT to enter into a Framework Agreement, for a period of 12 months, for the provision of Stationary and Office Supplies. The Requested supply aims at providing TDH IT staff/employees with stationary and office supplies during the daily implementation of the activities foreseen by the several projects on the Lebanese territory.

Selection and Awarding Criteria: The evaluation team shall review and evaluate the Financial and Technical Bids on the basis of their responsiveness to the requirements and technical specifications and the other documentation required/provided:

  1. Price (Criteria 1, weight 60%)
  2. Quality of Material (Criteria 2, weight 20%)
  3. Delivery cost (Criteria 3, weight 10%)
  4. Delivery time, including time needed to prepare the requested items (Criteria 4, weight 5%)
  5. Availability of the items listed in the Financial and Technical Offer (Criteria 5, weight 5%)

TDH IT will conduct the evaluation solely on the basis of the Bids received.

Evaluation of Bids shall be undertaken in the following steps:
Preliminary examination including Eligibility;

  1. Bidder Registration in Country; Certificate of registration/incorporation, Tax Compliance, VAT, Business permit or relevant membership.
  2. Bidder’s confirmation of compliance with the attached conditions of Tender/Open Local Bidding, Anti-Fraud and Corruption, Child Protection Policy and TDH IT Code of Conduct.
  3. Validity of offers and Payment schedule.
  4. Warranty period and replacement of defected items.
  5. Previous experience with NGOs.
    Evaluation of Prices;

Bidder’s prices should demonstrate an economically advantageous position for TDH IT;

Fixed prices for the period of the agreement/contract; Preferred at least 12 months.
       Evaluation of Technical Bids.

Quality and certification of Bidder’s products;

Availability of the items listed in the Financial and Technical Offer;

Bidder’s capacity to supply TDH IT, particularly in terms of stock levels and lead times;

Bidder’s responsiveness in emergency situations.


How to apply

How to obtain the Tender – Open Local Bidding dossier: The dossier will be available at TDH IT logistics departments in the following offices:

  1. TDH IT Baabda Office: Baabda, Ain St., No. 63 Fouad Najem Bldg. 4th Fl.
  2. TDH IT Zahle Office: Hoch El Omara, Takchiha Hospital Rd, Arcada Bldg. 2nd Fl.

Dates for collection of the dossier: From the 24th September to 07th October 2019.

Deadline for Submission of the Bids: 08th October 2019 at 13h00 Local Lebanon Time.

For Enquiries: [email protected]; All communication must quote “LB-DEL-0002”

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