Development of the SDC integration project (SPHERE)


The Health Technical Advisor will advise the health team in the following areas:

  1. Establishing essentials services in each of the four SDCs that Medair will support
  2. Establishing quality assurance protocols
  3. Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines for integrating SDCs into the Primary Health Care Network

Refer to the Project Overview document for specific details on the outputs.




  1. Plan for establishing essential services in SDCs


The types of medical services available at each SDC will include general medicine or family medicine - including children and elderly health - immunizations, reproductive health and chronic diseases.  Preventive medical services will include school health, guidance and awareness, societal health/home services, and mental health (primarily through referrals).  A complete list of services and fees will be agreed upon by MoSA and Medair through a memorandum of understanding (MoU). Medair will procure medications in line with its essential medicine list (based on the WHO essential list June2019) and each SDC will be responsible for ensuring proper prescribing protocols and stock control.



  1. Develop a “Consultation Schedule of Fees” detailing what portion of the fees patients are responsible to pay
  2. Develop a Doctor’s schedule plan to ensure that PHC guideline criteria for SDC staffing is met by the end of the project (December 2020)
  3. Develop a plan for the management and follow-up of laboratory and diagnostic services
  4. Assistance in the fair and transparent recruitment of qualified medical doctors in the respective health centers and other health staff
  5. Assistance in setting up a modern health information system
  6. Develop a model of a cost-effective & efficient performance based funded health services


  1. Establish Quality Assurance protocols


Medair will ensure regular monitoring of the quality of healthcare in collaboration with MoSA and MoPH. Health care will be assessed using the MoPH Clinical Management Protocols for the Most Common Health Conditions in Primary Health Care (December 2014 or most current) through observation of clinical care and/or review of medical records. Additionally, patient/beneficiary exit interviews will be conducted; medical assistant and administrative staff will undertake monitoring and supervision; Medair’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL) team will conduct routine assessments and/or evaluations in collaboration with the MoSA management central team and monthly meetings will be conducted between the MoSA management central team, MoPH and Medair.



  1. Develop PHC and staff performance indicators based on the needs
  2. Train Medair staff on the use of assessment protocols (including MEAL team members)
  3. Develop a plan for monitoring and reporting SDC and individual staff performance indicators


    3. Advise on the development of SOPs and guidelines for integrating SDCs into the PHC Network


The processes used to support SDC integration into the primary health care network will be documented and developed into SOPs and guidelines for MoSA to use to guide further SDC integration projects.



  1. Give advice on which SOPs and guidelines should be incorporated into the SOP and guideline package.  These will include new SOPs and guidelines that should be developed or existing ones that can be incorporated into the package



The relevant candidate will have the following:

  • Licensed Medical Doctor
  • At least three years’ of relevant work experience.
  • Demonstrated work experience in health clinics
  • Working knowledge of PHC guidelines
  • Be competent in Microsoft Office.
  • Be fluent in written and spoken Lebanese  Arabic and English.


How to apply

Interested applicants are asked to provide a monthly rate cost quotation for the consultancy services outlined in the Terms of Reference.

They should add:

A description of their capacities in a CV, showing their experience especially in similar projects


An example of a similar piece of work

An indication of their fluency in English and Arabic.

Quotations should be sent to: [email protected] by July 30, 2019. Please submit your quotations only in USD.

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