Public Spaces and Urban Furniture Design Competition

Under the UN-Habitat’s Global Public Space Programme, we, at Neopreneur, are launching a design competition under the project “Connecting Byblos Old Town Streets and Markets”

This community project empowers local people to create, inspire and improve their urban life. Byblos old centre is the heart of the city. Clean, comfortable and safe public space is a priority.

After the Block by Block participatory workshop (5th and 6th of May, 2019, Byblos), the local community proposed many missing needs (benches, lights, …) in order to improve the quality of the existing public space.

“The value of the public goods affects the value of the private goods”
-UN Habitat Executive Director Joan CLOS-

Nevertheless, the public square is hosting the Via Appia farmers’ market since 2017, located near the Mosque and the Cathedral in the heart of the old city of Byblos, which adds a historical/cultural and heritage value to the site and the surrounding.

The goal is to encourage building local economies and a dynamic space where exchange of news, gossips and politics take place. This space needs a planning and some place making in order to sustain and ensure accessibility and comfort.

This is why a competition will be launched in order to propose ‘sustainable urban furniture or elements’ that will be implemented in specific spots on the map.

The history of the city and its dynamism (market, activities, etc) should be taken into consideration. Each competitor can use technology or authentic methods in order to present one or multiple solutions, from concept, to details. Visiting the space is highly encouraged. (

Besides, each designer has to have a reasonable budget for execution.

- Registration deadline: 08/07/2019

- Design phase 29/06/2019 à 19/07/2019

- Q&A deadlines: 10/07/2019 (Questions will be strictly accepted by email [email protected])

- Q&A Answers: 12/07/2019

- Design submission deadline: 19/07/2019 (5pm Beirut Time)

- First selection: 23/07/2019

- Pitch: 27/07/2019

- Winners announcement: 27/07/2019


Competition requirements

  • Who: Individuals or maximum group of 3.
  • Elements subject of the competition: Benches, Lighting, Trash bins, Signage, Landscaping, public toilets.
  • Special Attention: Heritage, Sustainability and Cost efficiency are the main indicators to be considered in the project design and will be highly weighted in the selection process.
  • Questions will be strictly accepted by email [email protected] and answers will sent to all registered by email, with respect to the above mentioned deadlines.
  • Required files: pdf file including a text explaining the concept and the materials, location on the map, 2D/3D drawings and the cost of execution.

How to apply

Interested applicant(s) must register on the following link:

Registration is mandatory in order to be eligible for the competition.

Any final design received after the deadline (19/07/2019, 5pm Beirut Time) or without prior registration will be disregarded.

Designs must be sent strictly to [email protected] in order to be considered for the competition. 

Shortlisted projects will be contacted on 23/07/2019 to pitch their design(s).

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