Call for Law firm services to provide a draft law on the protection and development of Lebanese Mountains

Call for Law firm services to provide a draft law
on the protection and development of Lebanese Mountains





T.E.R.R.E.Liban, as an Intermediate Support Organization (ISO) on the Environment and Solid Waste Management Issue Network “LANE” (Lebanese Advocacy Network For Environment), under the Civic Engagement Initiative - CEI component of Building Alliances for Local Advancement, Development and Investment Capacity Building – BALADI CAP Project through a sub award issued by Counterpart International, Inc. as a part of the USAID-funded BALADI Program, is coordinating, supporting and promoting “issue networks” of CSOs, around the following advocacy area : Environmental Protection and Solid Waste Management. T.E.R.R.E.Liban wishes to undertake the consultancy services for a law firm to provide drafting a law on the protection and development of Lebanese mountains.







T.E.R.R.E.Liban is seeking the services of an experienced law firm to provide a draft law on the proctection and development of Lebanese Mountains in Coordination with T.E.R.R.E.Liban team and it’s designated expert under CEI Component – Baladi Cap project. 





The consultant must provide the following tasks:

  • Prepare the requested draft law:
  1. In coordination with T.E.R.R.E.Liban team, LANE network and the designated Expert.
  2. Based on the information provided by the expert and the network. 
  • Submit the draft law by January 21, 2019 at the latest. 
  • Update the draft law and submit the final version after the seminar that is planned to be held on January 26, 2019.








The work duration shall not exceed 6 weeks including collecting the information from T.E.R.R.E.Liban expert, preparing, modifying and submitting the final draft law according to T.E.R.R.E.Liban expert recommendations and remarks.

How to apply

Interested law firm please send the requested fees with the firm profile and CV to the following email address : [email protected]

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