Examining Sexual Harassment Draft Laws in Lebanon: Women's Equal Right to Public Space

In light of recent proposals for legislation againsts sexual harassment (SH) in Lebanon, this policy brief explores the subject of SH in public, institutional and workplace settings. The paper dissects the two draft laws presented by MP Ghassan Moukheiber and Minister of State for Women's Affairs, Jean Ogasapian, and provides policy suggestions and recommendations.
The overview reveals that while representing a notable step forward in addressing SH and amending legal provisions to tackle this social issue, proposed legislations still fall short of protecting marginalized and vulnerable groups (e.g., domestic workers), and of presenting a comprehensive understanding of SH as a form of gender-based violence and discrimination.

مجموعة دليل مدني للجندر
تاريخ النشر: 
الاثنين, 1 يناير 2018
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Policy Brief
Legal Issues, Gender