Volunteer: Lead Advocate For Sdg #7: Affordable And Clean Energy

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Qualified candidates should email their CV with a cover letter stating why they are interested in this position to [email protected] with the subject line “Lead Advocate for SDG #7 - Affordable and Clean Energy”. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for additional information in relation to this position.

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Sana Tarabay
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Director of Marketing and Membership
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About World Merit:
World Merit is an international charity with over 100,000 changemakers representing every country in the world. With Country Offices in 120+ countries, the World Merit community is taking local action on global issues. Together with the United Nations, World Merit focuses on tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through mediums like its online platform. Connecting young global citizens, the platform provides a place to debate global issues, collaborate on projects and to showcase their impacts.
About World Merit Lebanon:
World Merit Lebanon - Beirut Council is a team of young people who work hard and build a network of activists to create waves of change by tackling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their own cities and communities. On a monthly basis, the World Merit Council reaches achievements and performs SDG-focused challenges and holds events in their own part of the world while being connected to the rest of the World Merit community online on the World Merit platform. This thick network of changemakers of 120.000+ people is responsible for thousands of lives changed and numerous of people educated on the SDGs and empowered to take action towards a more peaceful and sustainable world themselves.
About the position:
Advocate role for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Number 7: “Affordable and Clean Energy”
This role is for members taking lead responsibility for providing the board members with up-to-date knowledge and relevant developments around affordable and clean energy.
This will allow the team members to plan for events, coordinate and support this goal throw the data provided by the advocate.

Be knowledgeable on relevant news about this topic
Coordinate with the team members on every event, campaign, etc.
Report to the board members when required

Requirements and Qualifications:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Knowledge about the topic (Affordable and Clean Energy)
Experience in volunteering with organizations working on Affordable and Clean Energy in Lebanon
Excellent time management skills; able to prioritize
Motivated to take on additional projects and solve problems
Highly organized in a fast-paced environment with multiple tasks and projects at hand
Energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas
Comfortable in both a leadership and team-player role, manage team members
Prior experience in an NGO is preferable
Willingness to learn and to grow with the NGO
Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)

This position is on a voluntary basis and is dedicated to university students and fresh graduates who wish to work within an international organization and hold responsibilities to gain experience in the humanitarian field.We encourage every interested candidate to apply for this position as it will enrich his/her personality and will help him get a better knowledge of the humanitarian sector in Lebanon.

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28 أكتوبر, 2017
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الجمعة, 10 نوفمبر 2017
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1 year renewable
Non-paid position / Volunteer
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University degree or an undergraduate in a related field, such as Development, Engineering, Business Administration, Renewable Energy, etc.
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