Wahat Al Farah Center For Educational Rehabilitation

The center receives children with special needs (mental disability, brain paralysis) between 4 and 14 years of age, from different confessions and different regions of the north.

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The center provides many programs and services that are practically based on the coordination between the nannies and the specialized staff that consists of a physiotherapist, an Ear and Voice specialist, a psychologist, a social assistant and an educational coordinator, having to follow up the children and their parents through an ongoing evaluation of their needs and their levels, and to guide them towards other practitioners outside the institution.
The center provides educational rehabilitation for children and develops their self-independence by raising their awareness on daily life issues and introducing them to the world, as well as their social independence through social integration and follow-up.
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أربعاء, 01/01/1992 - 2:00am
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The Universities from which we receive trainees from the different specializations. <br> Joint programs with the Lebanese German Friendship Association. Many Civil Local Associations.