The Local Community Supports The Agricultural Development By Making Fridges For Ex Situ Conservation Of Crops And Enhancing The Rural Production In Rashaya

For more than ten years, farmers in Rashaya- Hasbaya region have been showing on radios and TV stations their urgent need for fridges to conserve their agricultural production and prevent financial losses they endure every year, thus preserve their work in the agriculture sector.
The annual financial losses that are mainly due to agricultural waste of grapes, tomatoes and potatoes productions, were estimated back than at 150 million L.P., i.e. 100 thousand dollars.
For that reason, farmers held several meetings with local community representatives and cooperated with agricultural cooperatives, in order to provide a fridge that keeps their seasonal crops fresh, improves their productivity, reduces their marketing costs and increases their individual income rate.

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The present project aims at:
To identify mechanisms and procedures that are to be taken into consideration for the project
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خميس, 01/01/2009 - 2:00am
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